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My Top 12 Guilty Pleasures by hershey990 My Top 12 Guilty Pleasures by hershey990
Meme made by :iconsithvampiremaster27:
12. Monsters University - i can't believe that this movie has so much fan-art (Even Before It Came Out)

11. Jon Arbuckle (Garfield) - i still hate him but he isn't douche in the specials

10. Baby Sinclair (Dinosaurs) - i think Clash was using his Elmo voice so he can make it better by using it on Baby!

9. Cilan (Pokemon) - I've been watching episodes of Pokemon and let me tell helps me get ideas on my art and for some reason i find Cilan pretty cute. (even though he's not fat!)

8. Leaky Louie (Disrespectoids) - i still hate him for abusing Chuck but i have a bit of likeness for him...

7. The Looney Tunes Show Version of Gossamer - I Prefer This Gossamer over the other Gossamer's thank you very much.

6. Statler and Waldorf (Muppets) - i don't hate theme but they always make me laugh for some reason.

5. Miss Piggy (Muppets) - the pig and i have a thing in common we both have annoying nephews.

4. Green Lantern Corps - i'm not a fan of Green Lantern but i like it only for the corps there so colorful >_<

3. Ben 10 Series - *eyerolls* i've liked Ben 10 ever sense i was in elementary school and i prefer the first one over the rest of theme.

2. Sousaphone Simon and Deltoid Donny (Disrespectoids) - :facepalm: i can't help it i like these guys as much as i like Harry, Chuck and Betty.

1. The Fat Kahuna (Flipline Studios) - I'm a Teenage Girl and i like men with meat in em for a living...
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Mythology-Lover Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dat Ben10 tho.
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