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Kids Collection by Neko-Vi
by Neko-Vi

Neko, has very great vision on his fashion design's but sometimes it ain't modern, his originality on these outfits are 100%, his Techn...

Nightmare Comfort Pg. 1 and 2 by Rose-Angel-Fifi-SPM

This whole art piece is adorable, it really seems like a real father and daughter bond, the lining is perfect, the coloring's correct, ...

Me Posta by BeardBeyond

This Guy Is Very Talented He Knows How To Draw If This Guy Took Reqest's I'll Reqest Him A Nice Drawling Of The Disrespectoids This Guy...


Riley meets The Page Twins by hershey990
Riley meets The Page Twins
for :iconsithvampiremaster27:, here's L&L meeting Riley for the first why did i keep saying Riley has a big booty'll soon find out later!
Riley Marsu/Human Raz by hershey990
Riley Marsu/Human Raz
This is the Second Three's new classmate/friend Riley Marsu. she wears director pants and is often the Oggy Cat for the Second Three and she has a secret under her director pants.
(We see Greg taking a walk through the city.)

Greg: what a beautiful day for a walk. Yippy is spending time with The Romano's, Clover is with Marty, Nick is helping Kahuna in making surf boards.

(Greg kept on walking, & went to the Griller Stadium...there wasn't any games going on but something was going on)

Greg: huh? hey, what's going on here? *sees the X Twins in the stadium with stolen stuff* Hey X twins, put that stuff back!!

The X twins: not a chance! *they split in different directions*

Greg: *goes after them*

(it wasn't easy, but Greg got them & had them put everything back. after Greg brought them to the police & told them what happened, the cops took the X twins away, & Greg went back on his walk. Greg goes to corner were he sees a door open)

Greg: hmm? why is that door open? *goes to check it out*

(the door that was open was to a store with closed chests he opens them and it has old expired candy in it)

Greg: ugh. I think this used to be a candy shop once upon a time.

(Greg closed the chests, walked out & closed the door, & continued on his walk. Greg stopped to get some lunch. Greg goes to the forest to have a rest & draw a little bit. when he sees something from a shrubbery)

Greg: hmm? *puts his drawing down & goes to look in the Shrubbery it was Phoebe, a girl who was forced to be part of Portia Ferns' posse*

Greg: Phoebe? what're you doing here?

Phoebe: Hi Greg. I'm hiding from Portia. she's so mean.

Greg: let me help you out of there. *Greg pulls Phoebe out of the Shrubbery*

Phoebe: thanks.

Greg: you're welcome.

(after Greg & Phoebe spent some time together, Greg had to pack up & head for home. Phoebe had to go home too. later that night Greg was in bed asleep when Cooper came in to check on him)

Cooper: Greg? Greg?

Greg: hmm? hi bro.

Cooper: hi, how are you?

Greg: Tired. I had my walk, stopped The X Twins from robbing The Griller Games, went to an old candy shop, had lunch, went to the forest to rest for a bit & draw. *gasps* that's where i met Phoebe hiding in a Shrubbery from Porta, I got her out of there, we spent some time together, I packed up my stuff, & Phoebe & i went home.

Cooper: wow. what a day huh?

Greg: you're not kidding.

Cooper: well, goodnight Greg.

Greg: goodnight Cooper. *both brothers went back to sleep.*

Greg's Day Out
as the title explains, while NCY is busy Greg goes out to the city.
(We begin our tale with Nick, Greg, Clover & Yippy having fun in the park. and they saw Portia being mean to a girl, so NCGY stepped in to save her.)

Nick: Portia, when will you ever grow up?

Greg: yeah, & leave everyone alone.

Clover: I think your mom didn't take care of you well.

Yippy: scram Meanie.

Portia: fine, as for her *points to phoebe* we're not friends anymore. *storms off in a huff*

Phoebe: thanks.

NCGY: you're welcome.

Phoebe: I'm Phoebe.

Nick: I'm Nick.

Greg: I'm Greg.

Clover: I'm Clover.

Yippy: & i'm Yippy.

Phoebe: nice to meet all of you.

NG: same here.

CY: do you want to play with us?

Phoebe: sure.

(so Phoebe played with them, & she told them that Portia forced her to be her friend, which made her feel sad. later that night Nick was feeling bad for Phoebe so he went to Kahuna's room to ask him for advice)

Nick: Kahuna?

Kahuna: hmm? what's up Nick?

Nick: My friends & i were playing in the park, when we saw Portia being mean to Phoebe. We felt bad for her & well, How can we cheer her up?

Kahuna: Hmm, I think you, Greg, Clover, & Yippy, should ask Phoebe to be friends with you.

Nick: really?

Kahuna: really.

Nick: thanks Kahuna.

Kahuna: you're welcome Nick.

(Nick climbs on Kahuna's belly)

Nick: Kahuna, why do a always use your belly for a mattress

Kahuna: I guess it pays to be chubby, *reaches his head to Nick* now be a good little fat boy and go to sleep...

Nick: ok. but i'm not fat. *goes to sleep*

Kahuna: *puts one hand on Nick's body and the other on his chest* your just *Yawns* chubby...your gonna be fat one day...*goes to sleep*

the next morning NCGY went to find Phoebe. she was at the park. waiting for NCGY, NCGY & Phoebe found each other.)

Nick: hi Phoebe.

Phoebe: Hi guys.

Greg: we were thinking last night.

Clover: & we want to ask you something.

Phoebe: yes?

Yippy: will you be our friend?

Phoebe: really?

NCGY: really.

Phoebe: yes. I'll be friends with you.

(and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. they all had fun together.)
A New Friend for NCGY
...NCGY makes a new friend in the form of a former girlfriend of Portia Ferns.
(We go to NCGY's hideout were NCG were organizing Yippy's toys)

Nick: man, how many toys does she have?

Clover: I don't know.

Greg: I wonder when we'll be done.

NC: no idea.

(after a while, they finished organizing Yippy's toys and 
NCG came out of their hideout tired & cranky Yippy comes in and looks a bit sad.)

Yippy: I'm sorry guys, for what happened.

Nick: that's ok Yippy.

Greg: we're a bit tired.

Clover: we need to relax.

Yippy: me too. but where can we go?

(a letter comes flying through and open window)

NCGY: hmm? *Nick picks up the letter & opens it*

Clover: what is it?

Greg: it looks like in invitation.

Nick: but it doesn't say who it's from.

Yippy: well, let's open it.

NCG: ok. *Nick opened the invitation*

(the invitation said: "Dear NCGY, you are all invited to spend some time in my spa. you'll relax, snooze, & be happy again. please come to this address soon. signed The Spa calmer*)

NCGY: The Spa calmer?

Nick: I don't know who that is. let's go give this to Kahuna, maybe he'll know.

CGY: good idea. *they went to see Kahuna who's 
falling asleep while watching TV.*

Nick: Kahuna? Kahuna?

Kahuna: hmm? *turns to see NCGY* hi guys, *yawns* what's up?

Nick: we want to show you something.

Greg: we just got it today. *hands him the invitation & Kahuna reads it*

Kahuna: the Spa calmer. sounds like someone i know.

Clover: what should we do?

Kahuna: *turns off the TV & gets up* i'll go with you, just to be sure.

Yippy: thanks Kahuna.

Kahuna: you're welcome.

(after Kahuna & NCGY got ready, they went to The Spa Calmer's address. when they went inside, they were amazed & enjoyed themselves. Kahuna was still curious.)

Kahuna: *thinking* I've never heard of this place before, & The Spa Calmer sounds so familiar, but how? & where is everyone else? to top it all, Why NCGY?

(The Spa Calmer was me, and i watched through my telescope)

aw perfect. NCGY brought Kahuna just as i planed. it's time for The Spa Calmer to make her appearance. *goes to introduce myself* Hello fellow guests. I'm Cassie, The Spa Calmer. I hope you're all having a good time.

NCGY: oh we are Cassie.

Kahuna: Cassie? what're you up to?

Me: oh nothing much Kahuna, I just want my guests to be happy, & to spend time with you. that's all. *looks at Kahuna's belly and grins*

Kahuna: sorry Cassie. Nick goes near my belly, & speaking of which, Nick, Greg, Clover, Yippy, we're outta here.

(Later that night, i went to Nick and Kahuna's apartment window were i saw Nick asleep on Kahuna's stomach*

Nick: *heard the tapping & went to see me* Cassie? it's late. why are you here?

Me: Nick, I'm a bit upset that you get to be near Kahuna's belly, & not me.

Nick: Cassie, I know you love Kahuna, but he's my godfather. can't we try to share Kahuna?

You: it won't be easy, but i'll give it a try. & i'm sorry for being upset.

Nick: that's ok.

(I Left for home then Kahuna wakes up and sees Nick)

Kahuna: Nick? what's up?

Nick: hey Kahuna. Cassie came by, she was a bit upset, but i calmed her down, & she'll try to share you with me.

Kahuna: ok?

Nick: its a bit silly. let's go back to bed. Kahuna: yeah.

(Kahuna & Nick went back to bed)

NCGY goes to a Spa
Alright, now unfortunately while working on this story, :icongoldencrownstarneos: told me he never been to a spa and nether has :iconnayzor: this left me asking you..."Have you ever been to a Spa?" oh and :giggle: i'm in the story.
(we start our tale with the Chef's hosting their home movies of them as babies/toddlers & invited everyone to see them.)

Rudy: hey everyone, we're glad you showed up. come on it.

Mitch: we're trying to get things set up.

(it took a while, but they got it set up. everyone sat down to see the movies. if the Chef's can decide on who's 1st. then Greg said)

Greg: All Chef's Line up single file!! *they did* good, now the Chef who's 1st in line, play your movie. *Marty did then a picture of a baby Clover comes up*

Everyone: aaww.

Clover: I do look kinda cute.

(there was a picture of a toddler Marty & a baby Clover being together.)

Clover & everyone: aaww!

Marty: I look kinda cute as well.

(after Marty got done, Taylor showed his movies.)

Taylor: *shows a picture of him & Chuck*

Everyone: wow.

Taylor: yeah. Chuck & i have been friends a long time. look. *shows a picture of where they 1st met*

Everyone: whoa.

Chuck: it's true.

*a picture shows Taylor in a dress with Peggy laughing*

Taylor: just so y'all know, I lost a bet that time.

Chuck: *pats Taylor on the shoulder* it's ok man. these things happen.

Taylor: thanks Chuck.

(it was Mitch's turn next but it wasn't a picture of him as a toddler it was a picture of Nick dressed as a pirate during one of NCGY's hangings)

Nick: Mitch, who gave you that picture?

Mitch: I think it was Big K who gave that to me.

Nick: Kahuna?!

Kahuna: I'm sorry.

Nick: that was for the NCGY costume party on Halloween.

(another picture of Nick showed up this time he's covered in sludge)

Nick: My friends & i were exploring 1 time, I took a wrong step, & landed in a swamp.

Kahuna: i gave him a bath afterwards

(another picture of Nick showed up this time Nick is covered with chocolate sauce as Yippy looks at him)

Yippy: what..

Nick: don't ask. I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

Greg: you went sauce making with Yippy and she accidentally got some on you

Nick: Thanks a lot Greg!

(another picture of Nick showed up this time he's asleep on someone or something)

Nick: that's me sleeping on Kahuna.

Kahuna: I tend to let him sleep & sit on my tummy.

(Nick goes over to Kahuna and lays on his tummy)

Kahuna: you tired little man?

Nick: a little

Kahuna: see what i mean?

Everyone: yeah.

Mitch: I'm sorry for those earlier pictures Nick.

Nick: that's ok Mitch.

Kahuna: have a nice nap Nick.

Nick: thanks Kahuna. *Nick falls asleep*

(Mitch finishes up his pictures and Prudence shows her but most of them are pictures of Pickle until it got to something unusual...a picture of Yippy asleep)

Prudence: how did that get in there?

Yippy: I went to your place to spend the night.

Prudence: oh yeah.

(Another Picture of Yippy appears this time Nick was poking a toy sword at her)

 we were playing & acting a bit.

(Another Picture of Yippy is shown asleep on Greg's bed with NC)

Yippy: Greg was with Cooper, so Nick, Clover & i went to sleep in his bed.

(Another Picture of Yippy is shown this time with Greg looking over at his bed with NCY in it)

Greg: they looked so happy, so i went to sleep on the couch.

(The last picture of Yippy was her asleep with Prudence as she's keeping her company during a thunderstorm but...there were four shadows that looked familiar to Yippy)

Yippy: those shadows look so familiar.

(The Romano's surround Yippy)

The Romano's: it was us little princess-a!

Yippy: *jumps* oh. that was you?

Carlo: yes little Princess-a.

Edoardo: we wanted-a to check up on-a you.

Yippy: well you sure scared me.

Bruna: we're sorry little princess-a.

Yippy: that's ok.

(after Prudence's pictures, Cooper goes next it showed a picture of Greg asleep with his tomato plush)

Greg: I like tomatoes, that's all.

(more pictures of Greg was shown it was from that camping trip NCGY went on with the Chef's)

Greg: oh yeah. I remember this 1. we explored & found what looked liked a hotel in the woods.

Cooper: oh can we forget...Nick and Yippy tagged along with us...why was it again

Mitch: Kahuna needed a break and Yippy wanted to go hiking

Clover: & i went with them because i was bored.

The Chef's: oh, yeah.

(A picture of Kahuna and Nick asleep together in the Pizzeria is shown along with CGY)

Clover: we were waiting for Pizza.

Greg: but Nick & Kahuna got sleepy.

Yippy: they fell asleep when our pizza arrived.

(CGY then hears snoring it was coming from Kahuna and Nick

CGY: just like in the picture.

(Yippy goes to Nick and looks at him sleep and she reaches to his cheek)

Yippy: Nick, Kahuna, wake up.

Nick & Kahuna: huh? what?

Yippy: I didn't want you 2 to miss the movies.

Kahuna: oh yeah.

Nick: thanks Yippy.

Yippy: you're welcome.

(the next picture was a video, it showed NCGY in there nightclothes going into the Romano's tour bus late at night)

Nick: about that, we were bored & wanted to do something.

Greg: We don't even know who made that video, honest.

Clover: it was an honest mistake.

Yippy: I stayed behind because i felt bad about what we did. *starts to cry*

Carlo: aw little ones-a, you should've at least-a knocked. & we're sorry for what-a happened that night.

NCGY: we're sorry too.

(the video goes further and shows Yippy starting to tear up in depression along with Nick who looks directly at a sleeping Bruna)

Nick: that was when Yippy & i felt bad & wanted you all to forgive us.

Yippy: & sing us to sleep.

(the next photo was Nick asleep with Yippy but not in the Romano's tour bus but in Penny's house)

Penny: this was when i had a Big sleepover, & everyone was there.

Lisa: how can we all forget that?

(after Cooper's slides get done, it was Penny's turn she shows pictures of her asleep in bed dreaming of Alberto)

Penny: I'm in love with Alberto, what more can i say?

(the next picture was something different it was a picture of Lisa jogging in her sleep)

Lisa: I was dreaming i was in The Griller Games.

(the next picture had a bruise headed Yippy crying while being comforted but Nick)

Yippy: I bumped into something & hurt my head.

Nick: & i calmed her down.

(that night Nick was asleep in his bedroom when he hears something coming from the living room he grabs his kayak paddle and heads to the living room to have a look)

Nick: hello? who goes there? *he hears the sound of crying* huh?

Kahuna: Nick? what's all the commotion out here? *turns on the light*

Nick: oh, Kahuna. I thought someone broke in, but it sounds like someone's crying.

Kahuna: really. let's go find that someone.

*Nick & Kahuna went to look for the person crying and they see everyone else in the apartment had woken up to the sound too except Yippy who wasn't in her apartment they look in the Pizzeria and saw Yippy on the floor in her pajamas crying*

Yippy: well, I was sleepwalking, & then i hit my head on something, & my head hurts. *crying*

Nick: *comforts her* there, there, Yippy. it's ok. shh, shh.

Yippy: *starts to calm down*

Nick: Kahuna, can Yippy spend the night with us?

Kahuna: sure, there should be a girl around here

Yippy & Nick: thanks Kahuna.

Kahuna: you're both welcome.

(everyone went back to sleep, and Nick & Yippy came into Kahuna's room)

Kahuna: I know i tend to let Nick sleep on my belly, but Yippy, where are you going to sleep?

Nick: that's not very comfy for you, is it?

Yippy: no. & my head still hurts a bit.

Nick: why don't you sleep on Kahuna's bed?

Yippy: can i?

Kahuna: sure.

Yippy: Nick, can i sleep on your belly, since you sleep on Kahuna's belly?

Nick & Kahuna: sure.

(so Kahuna, Nick, & Yippy slept happily.)
Home Movies with The Chef's (and NCGY)
The Chef's decides to show there home movies/slideshows to the customers but most of it is NCGY/Kahuna moments.
(we start our tale at Greg & Cooper's apartment where Cooper is waking up from a good dream and goes into Greg's room where Greg is asleep)

Cooper: Greg, Greg, wake up!

Greg: what, hey, huh? Cooper, why did you wake me up?

Cooper: I just had a good dream.

Greg: what was it?

Cooper: Prudence & i had a dinner date, & she was so impressed with my skills.

Greg: that is a good dream.

Cooper: yeah.

Greg: I got it, why not make your dream come true?

Cooper: what?

Greg: you heard me bro. make a dinner date with Prudence, & i'll help you.

(Cooper called Prudence to make a dinner date, she said yes, & Cooper scrambled to get everything ready. Cooper get's a turkey, some stuffing for the turkey, and vegetables)

Greg: Cooper, do you know how to prepare a turkey?

Cooper: no, but how hard can it be

(Cooper made the other food for the dinner date, after a few hours the turkey was burnt.)

Cooper: everything is ruined Greg, what can i do? Prudence will never speak to me again *hears a knock on the door* get the door Greg i can't let Prudence see my disaster

Greg: don't worry Cooper, I got your back. *get's the door it was Nick and Yippy*

Greg: Nick, Yippy, nice to see you.

Nick: we smelled smoke so we came to see what happened.

Greg: Cooper had a mishap with a turkey.

Yippy: i see.

Greg: *invites Nick & Yippy inside* it's ok Cooper, Nick & Yippy's here.

Cooper: *came out of the kitchen* phew. I thought it was Prudence for a bit

Nick: I'll get Kahuna. *goes to Kahuna* hey Kahuna.

Kahuna: yeah Nick?

Nick: Cooper was making a dinner date for Prudence, but it turned into a mess.

Kahuna: I gotcha. I'll help.

Nick: thanks. *Nick & Kahuna went to Cooper, Greg, & Yippy*

(Kahuna, & NGY helped Cooper with his problem. then Kahuna and NY left when Prudence started coming in)

Prudence: hello? I'm here.

Cooper: hi Prudence, come on in. *pulls out a chair* please sit down.

Prudence: *she did* thank you.

Cooper: *puts her chair back to the table* I'll get the dinner. *goes into the kitchen & brings out the dinner*

Prudence: WOW!! did you make this yourself?

Cooper: parts of it, I had help from Greg, Nick, Yippy, & Kahuna.

Prudence: well, I'm impressed anyway.

Cooper: thanks. *they had their dinner date*

(later...after Prudence went home Cooper was on the couch with a potbelly)

Cooper: oohh.

Greg: *walks in* I told you i got your back bro.

Cooper: thanks Greg. & thanks to Nick, Yippy, & Kahuna as well.

Greg: I'll let them know. now get some rest, & we'll try to get you moving again later.

Cooper: ok. *goes to sleep*

Greg: *walks quietly to his room*

(and it wasn't easy, but Greg & his friends helped Cooper lose weight.)
The Dinner Date
I got the idea from the "Garfield Thanksgiving Special" on YouTube.


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well there's good news and there's two pieces of bad news, the first piece of bad news (For me) is that :iconaronora: is now working with those cyberbullies on the Flipline Forum...Nora, i'm warning you this don't get to comfortable there i don't want you to cyberbully me 2! the other bad news is that :icongoldencrownstarneos: is away this week sense he helps me with my stories i suppose i can't work on my important stories without him. now for the good news my fat idiot mother got a new dachshund named Cocoa Buttercup (age 4 *24 in Dog Years*) a little Daria to Ducky and Walter's Beavis and Butt-Head.
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