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Kids Collection by Neko-Vi
by Neko-Vi

Neko, has very great vision on his fashion design's but sometimes it ain't modern, his originality on these outfits are 100%, his Techn...

Nightmare Comfort Pg. 1 and 2 by Rose-Angel-Fifi-SPM

This whole art piece is adorable, it really seems like a real father and daughter bond, the lining is perfect, the coloring's correct, ...

Me Posta by BeardBeyond

This Guy Is Very Talented He Knows How To Draw If This Guy Took Reqest's I'll Reqest Him A Nice Drawling Of The Disrespectoids This Guy...


the second three takes a liking in Sonata by hershey990
the second three takes a liking in Sonata
for :iconmylesterlucky7: and :iconsithvampiremaster27:
This has been in my head for a while, i have a side likeness towards Sonata Dusk...i don't how why but i can't believe Frank didn't say how she can put up with Adagio and Aria's bull-you-know-what! so in an upcoming story i have planned (that :icongoldencrownstarneos: is going to help me out with), Sonata is sent to Pouchville via Missile by Adagio and Aria (a.k.a. Slut and Bitch) in her underwear and as you can see in the picture in my opinion ever sense the Dazzlings pendents broke by the Rainbooms and Shimmer Aria and Adagio blamed Sonny for it and beated her here's Sonata finding a new found friendship with the Second Three (who forgave her). and the three plans on naming her Sonny Blue (because of her blue hair and skin).
I Totally forgot today is my Fifth year here on DA!
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(it was two days before Christmas Eve we start this tale with Regina Van Pats, who is Victoria's favorite bulling victim. at the Marmalade Family Fruit Preserve factory making some Fruit Preserves for Christmas when Victoria comes along and pushes her into the Fruit Preserves)

Regina: why did you do that?

Victoria: because you're my favorite victim.

Regina: well, now your Fruit Preserves are ruined.

Victoria: do you think i care about the Fruit Preserves? all i care about are making money, & torturing my victims.

Regina: *gets out of the Preserves* I Quit!! *storms out of the factory.*

Victoria: Fine by Me!

Regina later sees snow falling from the sky.)

Regina: snow!, i hope the other kids are enjoying themselves

(Regina goes into Toid Street and sees the kids are enjoying themselves and she decides to join them until the Second Three came outside)

Harry: Regina?

Betty: what're you doing here?

Chuck: & why do you smell so fruity?

Regina: I was working in Victoria's factory, when she pushed me into the Fruit Preserves.

the Three: oh my.

Regina: I told her i quit & stormed off, & she didn't care. 
would it bother you if i played with you?

The Three: no

(Regina played with the Second Three. later that night Victoria was going through her fathers documents, & was shock at what she saw. 
the amount of money her family was losing thanks to the ruined Fruit Reserves.)

Victoria: I must do something mean & nasty to get back our money. but what?

(Victoria is shown on her father's computer)

Victoria: Dear Santa, I am Victoria Marmalade's father. my daughter's Christmas wish for you is to cancel Christmas this year. if you do not, there will be trouble in the courts. this will get those kids to buy more Fruit Reserves.

(The Next day Victoria got an e-mail from Santa that said: Dear Victoria, do you think you can pull the wool over my eyes? I've known you & your family for years. your "Christmas Wish" will NOT be granted! signed Santa Claus. Victoria is FURIOUS!!)

Victoria: I didn't want to do this, but i have no choice. I'm going to poison Santa.

(she got a bottle of the ruined Fruit Reserves, and sent it to Santa Claus and minutes later Santa was poisoned Regina overheard the whole thing and decides to look for the Second Three, we see the Second Three sled riding over a hill)


Chuck and Harry: BETTAAY!

Betty landed in the snow safely, just as Regina found them.)

Betty: Hi Regina.

Harry: Betty be careful.

Chuck: you're almost as dangerous as Harry.

Regina: Excuse me!! Victoria poisoned Santa, & unless we do something, there will be no more christmas!

The Second Three: WHAT?!

Chuck: ok, Victoria maybe a bully,

Harry: but now she's gone too far.

Betty: we gotta save Christmash.

Regina: will you help me?

The Second Three: The Second Three at your service.

Regina: thank you.

The Second Three: no problem.

(The Second Three & Regina fly to the North Pole so, they can fill in for Santa, & deliver the presents to all of the good folks throughout the world. it wasn't easy, but The Second Three & Regina got back to The North Pole, then back home, & they were worn out. that night, The Second Three were asleep in Joan's bed. when Simon comes in)

Simon: Wake up, it's Christmas!!

Betty: Shimon, it's way too early.

Harry: we'll open presents later.

Chuck: go back to bed.

Simon: i'm just kidding ya christmas isn't until two days anyway, Don & i can't sleep actually.

Donny: yeah

(Joan wakes up and sees Donny and Simon)

Joan: ok, you 2 can sleep in here.

(so Donny & Simon went to sleep in Joan's room with The Second Three.
The Second Three in The Girl who Saved Christmas
here's the start of my Christmas in July stories...thanks to :icongoldencrownstarneos: for helping me with the story.
...Howdy, so it's the beginning of July and sense there is such thing as "Christmas in July" you'll be seeing some of my stories (with :icongoldencrownstarneos: help) during the entire month of July.
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(We go to the Disrespectoids house at 2:34 were Joan was awake in her bedroom thinking about the Disrespectoids)

Joan: *whispering* poor Disrespectoids. *thinking* yesterday it all started at breakfast time, the Second Three had to help tons of kids, The Others had to steal food from a cake shop, and Donny and Simon both were digging a large hole in the backyard...sadly Donny & Simon hit a pipe while digging & broke their shovels, The Second Three were worn out helping tons of kids, & the others got caught in a food fight at the cake shop. & by the time they got home, they were wiped out, they didn't even greet me. I wish i could do something to cheer them up, but how? *starts feeling that someone is grabbing her* aah! *looks and sees that it's Betty* Betty honey? *rubs Betty's face and it feels warm*

Betty: hi Mama...

Joan: Betty are you alright?

Betty: i think so, why?

Joan: your face is warm and...*feels head* your running a fever...are you sure your alright?

Betty: yesh mama

(Joan knew what Betty's problem was she puts her glasses on, puts her feet out, and goes downstairs to get a thermometer, 
Later Joan gives Betty an aspiring and she gets back in her bed and watches over Betty, Joan who keep an eye on Betty's temperature has her with medicine on the nightstand)

Joan: poor little Betty, 
I hope she's not feeling sick.

(Donny and Simon looks though Joan's bedroom door to the sound of Joan's worrying)

Donny: Miss Joan, what's wrong?

Simon: is everything all right?

Joan: Oh. Donny, Simon, I'm just worried about Betty.

The giants: Betty?! *looks at Betty*

Joan: yes. she has a fever.

Donny: oh. poor little Betty.

Simon: I hope she feels better.

Joan: me too, 
I just wish i could do something to help.

(she looks at Donny and Simon)

Joan: Donny, Simon, will you 2 please help me out on something?

Donny & Simon: sure Miss Joan, what do you need?

Joan: will you watch Betty for me?

Donny & Simon: sure Miss Joan.

(Donny and Simon goes downstairs to watch the Roller Derby on TV with Betty in Simon's arms then the sound of the Roller Derby woke Betty up)

Betty: Donny, Shimon, what's going on?

Donny: oops. sorry Betty.

Simon: we didn't mean to wake you up.

Betty: where'sh Mama?

Simon: she went back to bed & we're looking after you.

Donny: but we got bored & wanted to watch Roller Derby.

Simon: so we carried you to the living room.

Donny: that way we can watch you, & the TV at the same time.

Betty: oh. can i watch?

Donny: sure.

(Chuck is seen asleep in his nest when he heard the noise coming from the living room)

Chuck: ugh, noise...*gets out of bed and goes to the living room* 
hey, what's going on?

Donny: we're sorry we woke you up chuck.

Simon: Betty was feeling sick & Miss Joan wanted us to look after her.

Betty: but they got board & watched Roller Derby with me in Shimon's Hands.

Chuck: well, I hope Betty feels better. but if you're going to watch TV, turn down the noise, please? I need to get some sleep.

(Simon turns the volume down as Chuck perches himself on the floor because he was too tired to go back to his nest)

Donny: look, Chuck's falling asleep

Simon: oh boy. so what else can happen?

(The Power goes off and Betty holds Simon's hand in fear)

Betty: Shimon, I'm scared.

Simon: don't worry Betty, it'll be all right.

(Chuck wakes up and looks around in fear)

Chuck: what happened to the lights?

Donny: power went out

(The Giants get up from the couch)

The Giants: let's go see Joan

(the kids goes to Joan's room where the other Disrespectoids are)

Betty: Mama?

Joan: huh? who's there?

Simon: Miss Joan, it's us. Simon, Donny, Betty, & Chuck.

Joan: what happened?

Donny: Simon & i were watching Roller Derby.

Betty: when the noise woke me up.

Chuck: sometime later the noise woke ME up.

Simon: so i turned down the volume on the TV.

All 4: the the next thing we knew, the power went out.

Joan: oh my poor little mutants, come sleep next to me, but be careful.

(Betty, Chuck, and Harry gets in bed while Donny, Simon, and the others lays on the floor)

Joan: good night my little mutants.

The Disrespectoids: good night Miss Joan.

The Ill Little Mutant
Boing Boing Betty is ill and the other Disrespectoids are looking after her.
(It's nighttime at the Disrespectoid house and Boing Boing Betty is having a hard time getting some sleep.)

Betty: Sheesh, I can't sleep. I need Mama.

(Betty goes into Joan's room and sees a note on her pillow)

Betty: Joan's working? sheesh

(Betty goes to the kitchen, gets out leftover strawberry tarts, and starts snacking on them then she gets out a dart bored with Victoria Marmalade's picture on it)

Betty: *with Victoria Marmalade's voice* my daddy has a smarter mouth than Sousaphone Simon's *with her regular voice* yeah right Marmalade

(The Other Disresepctoids wake up to the sound of Betty)

Donny: Betty, what are you doing up?

Simon: it's late.

Betty: I'm shorry everyone. I couldn't sleep, sho i went to see Mama, but she went to work. so i got me a shnack, & i pretended to be Victoria.

the other Disrespectoids: aw Betty, why didn't you tell us? we would've helped you get to sleep.

Betty: thanksh everyone 

(Joan comes home)

Joan: Oh my goodness. what are all of you doing up?

Betty: aw Mama, I couldn't shleep. so i went to your room, but you were at work. sho i got be a snack & pretended to be Victoria.

Donny: which woke all of us up.

Simon: but everything's all smoothed out Miss Joan.

Joan: well i'm back home. now let's get some sleep.


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Cassandra M./Hershey Chocolate
United States
Hi everyone i'm hershey990 i'm the kid who draws disrespectoid like and i have many characters.

I Totally forgot today is my Fifth year here on DA!
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