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Kids Collection by Neko-Vi
by Neko-Vi

Neko, has very great vision on his fashion design's but sometimes it ain't modern, his originality on these outfits are 100%, his Techn...

Nightmare Comfort Pg. 1 and 2 by Rose-Angel-Fifi-SPM

This whole art piece is adorable, it really seems like a real father and daughter bond, the lining is perfect, the coloring's correct, ...

Me Posta by BeardBeyond

This Guy Is Very Talented He Knows How To Draw If This Guy Took Reqest's I'll Reqest Him A Nice Drawling Of The Disrespectoids This Guy...


Howdy, sense i already got five Mixel OC's i figured why not do an humanized reference on each of them. i also wanted to thank :iconzootycutie: for the insperation, here's Maddie's - Mixels humanization references - now, before i get started on this i wanted to note out that the Orphan Mixels will be kinda horrifying...
Name: Ella "Ellie" (Springella)

-Last Name: Lastic

-Race: Caucasian (British)

-Originally from: Manchester, England
-Name: Nicole "Nikki" (Nixie)

-Last Name: Nix

-Race: Latino-American

-Originally from: Unknown (found by Victor/Volectro as an infant and was raised by him ever sense).
The Orphan Mixels

Names (from oldest to youngest): Garfield, 13 (Gardenfield), Stanley "Stanny", 12 (Steamer or Steamy), Isabelle, 6 (Snowbelle)

-Last Name: Green (Garfield/Gardenfield), Steemer (Stanley/Steamer), Ira (Isabelle/Snowbelle)

-Race: African American (Garfield/Gardenfield), Irish (Stanley/Steamer), Semi-Albino European (Isabelle/Snowbelle)

-Originally from: Harrisburg, Pennsylvanian (all three of them)
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Chavez had a nightmare by hershey990
Chavez had a nightmare
Poor Chavez, he had a nightmare. can anyone comfort Chavez?
cranky Chavez by hershey990
cranky Chavez
this is a prototype of Chavez new pajamas/what's suppose to be in the B-Day pic :iconemperornortonii: doing for me. the snoring is keeping Chavez up, i'm up because i'm a night owl at times and i'm feeling a bit bad for Chavez.
Chavez' new pajamas by hershey990
Chavez' new pajamas
for :iconemperornortonii:, here's Chavez's new pajamas Budzi made for him as his old ones made him too hot and uncomfortable.
Betty's kitty hoodie by hershey990
Betty's kitty hoodie
This is from "Disrespectoids on Vacation" it's Boing Boing Betty in her vacation pajamas, her kitty hoodie. i did a Clarence reference were Clarence has his dinosaur hoodie Betty has her kitty hoodie.
(It is 11:45 at night and we see a cargo truck with lighted headlights and we see Joan with her brother Derek and her niece Paris (who is wearing her footie pajamas).)

Joan: hello, if your looking for the Disrespectoids there in one of the cargo containers asleep, but for now you can look at me my trucker for a brother Derek

Derek: Hi, and Francine as i was saying about me and those packaging

Joan: but not my sleeping beauty niece Paris...she's asleep like the other Disrespectoids, where are we going you say? well this week is my parents' wedding anniversary and my parents haven't seen me and Derek in a while so we decided to pay them and the family a visit.

(A Boom is heard under the truck and the car crashes in a car body shop)

Body Shop Owner: HEY!! who's the meatball that dropped a car in my shop?!

Joan: you can tell my brother isn't the brightest driver nor the best car buyer...

Derek: car fall down, & go boom.

Joan: he's also an idiot, as for me i'm the smarter one, i better go find a hotel to stay at but first...Disrespectoid wake up call.

(Joan goes outside and to the cargo she thinks the Disrespectoids are in but it turns out to be the suit case cargo)

Joan: oops.

(Joan goes to the other Cargo and opens it a little where she hears the other Disrespectoids snoozing)

Joan: phew.

Paris: Auntie Joan?

Joan: Paris, what're you doing up?

Paris: a man woke me up

Joan: why?

Paris: he said he wanted to fix the truck...

Joan: Derek that idiot...well, sense were here for the evening would you do me a favor and wake the Disrespectoids up?

ok. how do i do that?

Joan: get into were the open part is...and 
*lifts Paris into the open Cargo Hold*

(in the cargo hold, Paris is very scared then Joan lifts the cargo door open)

Paris: Auntie Joan, what do i do now?

Joan: wake one of the Disrespectoids up...

Paris: which one?

Joan: you choose

(Paris looks around and notices that the Disrespectoids are a bit scary when they sleep but then looks at Betty whose wearing a kitty hoodie and is showing her brace filled teeth, THAT SCARES PARIS A LOT, she ran out of the cargo hold and landed in Joan's arms)

Paris: they scared me Auntie!

Joan: impossible

(Joan goes into the cargo hold with Paris)

Joan: see, they're not scary.

Paris: what about her? *points to Betty*

Joan: that's Betty. she wouldn't harm you.

(Paris goes down and pokes Betty causing a sleeping Betty to bite Paris)

Paris: *screams* She bit me!!

Joan: *to a sleeping Betty* Wake up Betty, Wake up!


Joan: Betty, it's me Mama.

Betty: Mama! *bounces to Joan* what're you doing here? & whoshe that?

Joan: this is my niece Paris, you bit her while you were sleeping.

Betty: oopsh. I'm shorry Paris, I didn't mean to bite you, honesht.

Paris: that's ok Betty. you & the others were scary, even you with your teeth. 

we may LOOK shcary, but we're very nice. also my bracshes have been with me for yearsh.

Paris: I see.
 *looks at a snoozing Chuck and Harry* what about them?

Betty: they're nice too. that'sh Chuck, I call him Mishter the Clucker. & That'sh Harry. together, we're The Second Three.

Paris: wow.

Joan: *to Betty* come outside with me Betty, *to Paris* Paris, you wake the others up

Betty goes outside while Paris goes to wake up the others.)

Joan: *Takes Betty to show her the damaged truck*

Betty: *is shocked* 
Mama, what happened?!

Joan: you can blame my brother for this.

(The Other Disrespectoids comes out of the cargo truck and sees the damaged van)

The other Doids: what in the?

Joan: blame your uncle Derek for this kids

Fred: yes Mama, do you know where we are Mama?

Joan: Nevada, maybe we should ask the body shop owner, *to the Body Shop owner* excuse me sir

Body Shop Owner: yes, are you here to help fix my shop, or do you need to go somewhere?

Joan: well, it's mostly my brother's responsibility and me and the children need to go somewhere to sleep plus we would like to know where we are?

Body Shop Owner: well, you're in Nevada, somewhere between Las Vegas & Reno, when you get to town, find a police officer, he or she will show you a hotel that's big enough for you. plus your idiot brother over here is gonna be stuck helping me repair my shop for the next few days...

(later, Joan drives buy and police officer (a girl one) and...)

Police officer: yes?

Joan: excuse me, but my childern, niece & i need to find a motel that's big enough for all of us, but also within our budget. will you please help us?

Police officer: sure, follow me. *the police officer took them to the hotel they were looking for*

(the police officer rents Joan, The Disrespectoids, and Paris there room and they head to the room while Betty takes a brochure of Vegas, in the Second Three's hotel room, Chuck was getting into his nightshirt when he, Betty and Harry heard someone in there bathroom)

Chuck: who's that?

Harry: I don't know.

Betty: let'sh find out. *they went to find the person in their bathroom*

The Second Three: *gasps* CHAVEZ ROCO?!?

(Chavez is shown shirtless and putting water in his face)

Chavez: Hola Second Three. my family & i are on vacation, & since they're in the bathroom next door, I thought i should wash my face here. if that's bueno with you 3?

Harry: sure.

Betty: we're shorta on vacation too.

Chuck: & you're our friend.

Chavez: thanks, why you here in Vegas?

The Second Three: *overhears Joan's brother's snoring*

Betty: that'sh part of the reason, our uncle Derek.

also it's the wedding anniversary of our Mama's parents.

Chuck: & she brought us to meet them.

Chavez: felicidades to your grandparents. also, my family & i were supposed to go to New Mexico, but thanks to Tupley, we wound up here.

Chuck: same problem as us? Driver being stupid?

Chavez: yes, he was reading the map and drinking coffee while driving with his feet

Betty: well, our Uncle has to repair the Body Shop Owner'sh shop after what happened earlier.

Priffy: Chavez, time for bed.

Chavez: coming Priffy. good night guys.

The Second Three: good night Chavez.

(Chuck gets into bed with Betty and Harry as he puts Betty's hoodie up)

Chuck: goodnight guys.

Betty: *yawns adorably* 
goodnight Mishter the Clucker. goodnight Harry.

Harry: good night guys

(The Second Three later falls asleep, then in the Roco's hotel room Chavez was sleeping when a sleeping Kulche kicked him off)

Chavez: ow.

(Chavez gets back in bed then Kulche kicked him in the crotch)

Chavez: *high pitch* Kulche!!

(Kulche and Betty (who overheard it three doors down) woke up)

Kulche: Chavez? what's wrong?

Chavez: you kicked me off the bed, then you kicked me where it hurts.

Kulche: aw, I'm sorry Chavez.

(there's a knock on the hotel door)

Tupley: Chavez if that's housekeeping tell them that i didn't make an accident and if that's body shop repair-a mento tell him it's to late at night

Chavez: *goes to answer the door* yes? who is this?

Betty: me

(Chavez opens the door and sees a black eyed Boing Boing Betty)

Chavez: Betty, what happened?

Betty: Chuck's having a boxer dream again

Chavez: I know how you feel, Kulche had a soccer dream again, & i was the soccer net, let me take you to the hotel lobby to put something over that black eye.

Kulche: Chavez?

Chavez: yes Kulche?

Kulche: can i go with you and Betty

Betty & Chavez: sure.

Kulche: thanks. *they went to the lobby to take care of Betty's eye, there found a tire track on the side of Betty's face, it was from Harry*

Chavez: *goes to get Joan & Budzi* Senora Joan, Budzi.

Joan: Chavez? what's wrong?

Budzi: what's up bro? 1, Betty got a black eye from Chuck's Boxer Dream, & Kulche had his Soccer dream. 2, we went to the Lobby to help Betty's eye, but found Harry's tire track. & 3, we need help.

Joan & Budzi: lead the way. *Chavez lead them to the lobby*

Joan: *Sees Betty* Elisabeth!

Budzi: Kulche!

Betty: hey Mama.

Kulche: hey bro.

Budzi: who got caught in your soccer dream?

Kulche: Chavez.

Budzi: we'll talk later, but for now, let's help Betty.

Joan: I agree.

(Simon & Donny comes into the room to see what's going on.)

Simon: what's going on?

Donny: what's up?

Joan: boys, get Chuck

DD and SS: yes Mama 
*they went to get Chuck*

(DD and SS goes into the Second Three's hotel room and takes a sleeping Chuck into the lobby)

Donny & Simon: here's Chuck.

Joan: thanks. Chuck, wake up!

Chuck: *wakes up* what is it Mama? *looks at Betty* uh-oh.

Joan: Chuck, I thought i taught all of you not to hit anyone, even in your sleep.

Chuck: *flies down* I'm sorry Mama, & i'm very sorry Betty.

Budzi: speaking of witch *to Kulche* Kulche, you of all of our siblings should know better than to hurt our family, even in your sleep.

Kulche: I'm sorry Budzi. & lo siento Chavez.

Chavez: *picks Kulche up*

Chuck: *goes over to Betty*

Chavez & Betty: *hugs Kulche & Chuck* that's(h) all right, we forgive you.

(The next morning, Chavez and Kulche went to the Second Three's room with there breakfast)

Chavez and Kulche: *To Betty* buenos dias beautiful

Betty: buenos dias Roco brothers.

Chavez: is Chuck and Harry gonna wake up...

Betty: well you know those two

Kulche: yeah.

Betty: *notices the breakfast food* ish that for us?

well, we brought our breakfast here,

because we wanted to share them with you guys.

(Chuck and Harry wakes up groaning)

Chuck: what happened?

Harry: yeah.

Betty: the Roco brothersh brought ush breakfasht in bed

(later, Fred, Louie, Whoopee, Luna, Stewie, Mandy, Moe BobbySue, and Peggy goes to the Plaza Hotel & Casino were they see a casino and believes that the casino machines are candy machines)

Everyone: whoa.

Louie: there must be candy in these machines....guys give me quarters

(the others give Louie there bag of quarters, elsewhere Donny and Simon 
were at a Circus Circus buffet. when they spot two girls)

Donny & Simon: *hides & stares with food in there mouth*

Donny: *hulk voice* Donny no like girls.

Simon: I know how you feel, but we have to meet them.

(As DD and SS went to introduce themselves to the girls they then see them going into the showgirls changing room)

Donny: huh?

Simon: I guess they're part of the show.

Donny: *hulk voice* Where Second Three and Chavez?

Simon: the adventure dome
 and stop talking Hulk Donsy

Donny: but me like speaking Hulk

Simon: well it's time to talk normally.

Donny: yes Si-Si

in another part of Circus Circus, The Second Three, Chavez, Kulche, Peke, and Viole weren't at the Adventure Dome they were in the Circus Circus casino)

The Second Three, Chavez & his siblings: wow.

(The Second Three notices seven kids stealing money from all of the casino machines)

Chuck: who's that?

Harry: I don't know.

Betty: let'sh get'em.

(The robbers brought out water balloons and squirt guns.)

The Second Three: RUN!

The Second Three, Chavez & his siblings dodge the attacks while running, unfortunately the robbers dropped some water balloons in front of them causing the Second Three, Chavez and his siblings to crash into the buffet were Donny and Simon were)

Donny: Guys!

Simon: what's going on?

Chavez: robbers are stealing from the machines.

Chuck: & attacked us with squirt guns & water balloons.

Betty: *cries* pleashe help us.

(Donny puts Betty in the front of his suit)

Donny: there there Betty, it's ok.

Simon: we'll help you all out.

(Donny puts Betty back on the buffet table and the Robbers grabs the Roco siblings and Chuck and Harry)

The Roco Siblings: Help!

Harry: *tries to rev out of there*

Chuck: *clucks wildly*

Donny: Donny MAD!!

Simon: *plays a loud note to call for help*

(the note caught the attention of the showgirls at Circus Circus)

Showgirls: what's going on?!

Simon: our friends are in trouble.

Donny: They also stole from the slots.

Danielle & Francine: let's get'em girls. *they grabbed the robbers and the robbers threw the Roco Siblings, Chuck, and Harry out of there hands*

(Chavez landed in a punchbowl, Peke landed in the crab cakes, Viole landed into the chocolate fountain, Kulche landed on Chavez' lap, Chuck landed on a roast chicken, and Harry landed on a roast pig then the two of the robbers grabbed Danielle and Francine and carried them to the top floor then Donny and Simon REALLY lost there tempers and climbed after them)

Donny & Simon: give us back the girls!!

The Robbers: Sure we will

(The Robbers tosses Danielle and Francine into the dessert tray)


(Donny and Simon chases the robber's around the food court until the Robber's made DD and SS crash into a burger and chicken leg stand then 
they grabbed them & the adults and the other Disrespectoids (with tons and tons of Pizza boxes) showed up and Betty bounced to Joan)

Betty: Mama! Mama!

Joan: Betty, what happened?

Betty: Robbersh were stealing from the slotsh, kidnapped the Rocosh, Chuck, Harry, & the dancersh, everyone wound up in a big messh, & i'm scared. *starts to cry*

Joan: there, there Betty. it's ok.

(Chavez jumps into Priffy's arms while Kulche jumps in Budzi's still covered in punch)

Budzi & Priffy: Chavez, Kulche, are you guys ok?

Chavez: si.

Kulche: even though i need a bath.

(Viole and Peke goes over to Tupley)

Tupley: ciao Viole and Peke, *notices Viole's covered in chocolate and Peke's all sticky*

Viole & Peke: we need a bath too.

Tupley: don't worry mi famiglia, we'll clean you up-a.

Joan: where's Donny and Simon?

Donny & Simon: over here Mama, next to the burgers & chicken.

Luna: speaking of Chicken, where is my Chuck? & Harry?

Chuck: over here Luna, going through my family's history.

Harry: & i'm thinking about going on a diet.

Joan: oh boy, you boys are getting a bath tonight!

(later that night, 
Chuck & Harry had a bath in the hotel bathroom. after there bath they went to Betty who was watching T.V.)

Chuck: what a day, huh Harry?

Harry: you said it Chuck.

Betty: are you both dried?

Chuck and Harry: yes mini Mama

Betty: why don't you 2 get dresshed, & watch tv with me?

Chuck and Harry: yes mini Mama.

(Chuck gets in his new dark blue pajama shirt and Harry gets in his orange pajamas)

Chuck: cool pajamas Harry.

Harry: yours are snazzy too Chuck.

(and The Second Three went to watch tv. outside Donny and Simon were getting hosed down and are just getting done)

Donny: I guess we're too big to fit in the tub, huh?

Simon: yes.

(Donny and Simon gets done and goes into there hotel room just as Joan walked in)

Donny, Simon, The Second Three: hi Mama.

Joan: hi everyone. *to the boys* 
Chuck, Harry, Simon, Donny, I'm glad none of you were too hurt, but 1 of the things we have to remember, is to always stick together.

The Boys: yes Mama.

Joan: but for now *goes over to the Second Three's bed and rubs Harry comfortly* it's time for bed.

The Second Three: yes Mama

DD and SS: alright Mama

The Doids got ready for bed. later all of them were asleep when the door open and two mysterious figures came into the bathroom)

Danielle: *whispers* careful Francine, don't wake them up.

Francine: *whispers* ok Danielle, I'll be careful.

(Danielle and Francine went to the bathroom witch caused Chavez to over hear this)

Chavez: *whispers* the girls that helped us out, are in the Doids shower? i need to investigate ahora! *looks at Peke and whispers* Peke get up your coming with me.

Peke: Chavez, I'm sleeping. why don't you sleep at times?

Chavez: Peke, you & our siblings know i have insomnia at times.

Peke: oh yeah, I forgot. ok, i'm coming.

(Kulche & Viole follow them to the Doids room. were they catch Danielle and Francine)

The Roco Siblings: gotcha.

Danielle & Francine: *screams, which wakes up the Doids*

Simon: what? who's there?

someone turn on the lights.

Betty: *sees Chavez's hair* 
this feelsh familiar.

Fred: *with a baseball bat in his hands* 
stay away from my family & my Whoopie Pie.

(Joan comes in and turns on the lights)

Joan: what's going on here?

Danielle: well, after what happened today, we wanted to get cleaned up,

Francine: but the place where we worked had to be closed.

Chavez: so that's why you 2 wanted to use their bathroom.

Peke: forgive my brother, he tends to have insomnia.

Kulche & Viole: thanks for helping us out earlier.

Danielle: you're welcome. I'm Danielle.

Francine: & i'm Francine.

Donny and Simon: *squeals*

Joan: I'm Joan. & these are my Disrespectoids.

The Doids: hi.

Chavez & his siblings: we're 4 of The Roco siblings.

Betty: did we jusht here Donny & Shimon squeal?

Harry: that, or i need to get my tires checked on.

Donny and Simon: we squealed!

Donny: *ahem* I'm Donny.

Simon: *ahem* & i'm Simon.

Danielle: nice to meet you. 

Francine: & thanks for trying to save us today.

DD & SS: *blushes* you're welcome.

Danielle & Francine: Donny, Simon, do you want to go out on a date with us sometime?

DD & SS: we'd be glad to.

(Danielle and Francine leaves to be with there mothers, then everyone turns to Chavez)

DD and SS: why are you here Chavez?

Chavez: well, I have insomnia at times, & i overheard the girls talking so i had to investigate.

(DD and SS stare at each other)

DD: what do you think?

Simon: he's a friend of The Second Three, & we tried to rescue them earlier.

Donny: Chavez, please go back to bed.

Simon: & that goes for your siblings too.

Kulche: we will Donny & Simon.

Chavez: goodnight.

Everyone: goodnight.

(The Roco siblings were able to go back to there hotel room before Tupley, Budzi, or Priffy woke up, later Chavez was still having trouble sleeping so he goes over to his sister Priffy and gets frustrated)

Chavez: *groans*

Priffy: Chavez? what's the matter my brother?

Chavez: I still can't sleep.

Priffy: let me sing you a lullaby.

Chavez: ok.

Priffy: *sings a lullaby in french and then looks at Chavez and sees he's asleep* 
bon nuite my little brother. *gives Chavez a goodnight kiss*

(Priffy allows Chavez to sleep with her and Budzi (she and Budzi are twins) the next morning Chuck woke up crying instead of crowing and his stomach was growling, as a result he and the others went into Joan's room)

Chuck: Mama?

Joan: Chuck? what's wrong?

Chuck: I had a nightmare & my tummy's acting up.

Joan: oh Chuck, what was the nightmare about?

Chuck: remember when I landed in the roast chicken, & Harry landed in the roast pig?

Joan: yes. Chuck: it reminded me of my family's farm life, & since i'm 1/2 chicken.

Joan: say no more Chuck. it's ok. we'll get you something for your tummy.

Chuck: thanks Mama.

(Joan & The Doids went to get something (& some corn) for Chuck's tummy. so they went to the food court were Priffy and Kulche Roco were humming)

Joan: hi Priffy.

Betty: hi Kulche.

Priffy: bon jour Miss Joan.

Kulche: hi Betty. where's Chuck?

Betty: Mishter the Clucker's tummy hurtsh.

Joan: so we're looking for some things to make him feel better.

Harry: & corn.

Betty: by the way, where are the other Roco's?

Priffy: zey either went to get breakfast,

Kulche: or they're still asleep.

(Then there's a groaning sound it was Chavez)

Betty & Harry: Chavez! *they hurried towards him*

Chavez: my head hurts

Harry: why?

Priffy: *goes over to Chavez*

Chavez: the real reason why i have insomnia is, whenever i do get some sleep, the nightmares give me headaches.

Betty: *hugs Chavez* aw Chavez, what are your nightmaresh?

Chavez: the monsters were trying to kill me & my family.

Betty: aw Chavez, I dream about monshters too.

Chavez: you do?

Betty: si. there'sh the porridge monshter from Goldilocksh & the 3 Bearsh, Victoria Marmalade as an uglier monshter than she is already, but the thing ish, monshters in dreams are not real.

Chavez: Monsters in dreams are not real?

Betty: yes. we believe in that, it'll come true.

Chavez: ok. I will believe it, if you wil too Betty.

Betty: I believe it too.

(later, Joan takes The Disrespectoids to the Excalibur Hotel. and puts them into the Kids Zone)

Joan: now my little Mutants, this is where Grandma & Grandpa are having their anniversary. I'm going to get my hair done, try to behave, ok?

The Doids: we will Mama.

(as Joan leaves Priffy takes Chavez, Viole, Peke, and Kulche to the Kidz Zone)

Priffy: here we are my siblinge, the Kidz Zone.

Chavez, Viole, Kulche, & Peke: wow.

Priffy: have fun.

Chavez & his siblings: we will. *they went inside except for Chavez who Priffy got in her hands*

Priffy: Chavez, you're in charge of your little siblings while i'm at Caesar's Palace.

Chavez: I won't let you dowm mon capitan.

Priffy: Budzi will be here later to pick you up

Chavez: ok. may i go play por favor?

Priffy: si. *Chavez went to play*

(Chavez meets up with The Disrespectoids)

Chavez: hi everyone.

The Doids: Hola Chavez.

Chavez: why are you here?

Harry: our Grandparents are having their anniversary here.

Betty: & Mama'sh getting ready.

Simon: what about you?

Chavez: Priffy's going to Caesar's Palace, & she left me in charge of my siblings.

Chuck: what an honor.

Kulche: how are you doing Mr. Clucker?

Chuck: call me Chuck. also, I'm feeling better. how are you feeling Chavez?

Chavez: better. Betty helped me out, because she has monster nightmares too.

Betty: yesh. together we convinced ourshelves that,

Chavez & Betty: mons(h)ters in dreams, are not real.

(Kulche sees a kid banging on a crane machine)

Kulche: whoa, that's the matter?

Kid: I just can't get a prize from this machine.

Kulche: breathe deeply & relax.

Kid: *breathes & relaxes* thanks.

Kulche: you're welcome.

(The Second Three notices a restaurant and a lot of angry customers)

The Second Three: what's going on? *heads to the restaurant with caution*

The Second Three: what'(s)h going on?

Customer: the waiters & cooks are on break, & we're hungry.

Harry: don't worry. we'll help you.

Betty: Viole.

Viole: yes?

Betty: will you & Chuck pleashe cook for these cushtomers?

Chuck & Viole: sure. *Chuck & Viole went to the kitchen, & Betty & Harry took the customers' orders 1 at a time*

(Chavez, Peke, Kulche, and the other Disrespectoids rush over to see what was going on)

Chavez, his brothers, & the other Doids: what's going on?

Harry: the cooks & waiters are on break.

Betty: so Harry, Chuck, Viole & i have been taking care of the cushtomers.

Chavez: VIOLE!?! iy crumba Priffy's gonna kill me!

Betty: why? doeshn't she know how to cook?

Chavez: yeah but if Priffy finds out i'm not watching her...

Chuck: Relax Chavez, I'm watching her. + I to can cook.

Viole: but we could use a little help.

Chavez, Peke, Kulche, & The Doids: we'll help.

(so The Doids & the Rocos helped serve the customers, & they were tired by the time the waiters & cooks got back from break.)

a kind waitress: *takes the kids to a quiet spot in the restaurant to nap*

Kulche: *before falling asleep* we helped the customers with their orders.

the Kind 
waitress: thank you sweetie *kisses Kulche*

Kulche: you're welcome. *falls asleep*

(later Joan, & Budzi were looking for them.)

Joan: My Little Mutants, Doids, where are you?

Chavez, little siblings, where are you?

A Waiter: there in here, but don't wake them

Joan and Budzi: wake?

a waitress: you see, when we went on break, our customers got angry.

another waiter: so they helped us out by making the food & filling out the orders.

Joan and Budzi: they did? where are they?

The Kind Waitress: 
yes & follow me. *they followed her to the sleeping kids*

Joan: *picks Betty up*

Budzi: *picks Kulche up*

Chavez: *yawns* Miss Joan, Budzi?

Joan: don't worry Chavez. the workers explained everything.

Budzi: Chavez, my little bro, I'm so proud of you.

Chavez: you are?

Budzi: yes.

Chavez: yeah ha ha!

(Chuck wakes up and sees Joan and clucks wildly thinking he's in trouble)

Chuck: Mama, Mama, I'm sorry!

Joan: calm yourself Chuck. The workes explained that you all did a good job helping the customers.

Chuck: *calms down* really?

Joan: really.

??? and ???: Joanie?

Joan: Mom and Dad!


Derek's loud mouth woke up The Doids, & The Roco Siblings.)

Betty: Mama?

Kulche: Budzi?

The kids: uh-oh.

Joan: don't worry everyone.

Budzi: the chefs & waiters told us that you helped them out.

the kids: really?

Chuck: really.

Joan: everyone, this is my mom and dad. Mom, Dad, meet the Doids, & the Roco siblings.

The kids: hello.

Fred: I'm Fred. happy anniversary Grandma & Grandpa.

Louie: I'm Louie, I'll try to behave for you 2.

Whoopee: I'm Whoopee, if you need a DJ, i'm your girl.

Luna: I am Luna, I will entertain you with my skills.

Stewie: *I'm Stewie, I may be small, but i can fly*

Mandy: I'm Mandy, & this is Sebastian. nice to meet you.

Moe: I'm Moe. I'm a cool swimmer & have an even cooler shell.

Bobby: I'm Bobby,

Sue: I'm Sue.

BobbySue: we're twins & are happy to meet you

Peggy: I'm Peggy. i can get out of tight spots.

(Joan's parents sees Donny and Simon)

Joan's Mom: don't be shy.

Joan's Dad: please tell us your names.

Donny: I'm Donny. I may be big & strong, but i'm very gentle.

Simon: & i'm Simon. I'm also a gentle giant.

DD & SS: it's nice to meat you.

(Joan's parents look at the Second Three who are around Joan)

Joan's Mom: & who are you 3?

Chuck: I'm Chuck. it's nice to meet you.

Harry: I'm Harry. I'm Stewie's best friend.

Betty: & i'm Betty, I may be small & have a lishp, but i'm very nice.

The Second Three: we're the Second Three helping Service!

Chavez: Da-Da!

Joan's Parents: who said that?

Budzi: oh, that's my little brother Chavez. & these are Viole, Kulche, Peke, & I'm Budzi. We're the Roco Siblings.

(later that evening, Joan and her parents were at Joan's parents apartment talking about the Disrespectoids)

Joan: well, what did you think about the Disrespectoids?

Joan's Mom: well, they were polite in introducing themselves.

Joan's Dad: & they certainly are unique & cute.

Joan: I try my best to raise them.

Joan's Mom: we know how you feel.

Joan's Dad: we could tell stories about trying to raise you & Derek.

Joan's Mom: but were concern about those Roco's...are you raising them too?

Joan: no. they have parents of their own. they're also our neighbors.

Joan's Dad: then where were the parents?

Joan's Mom: they never talked about them.

Joan: that's because their brother Tupley is taking care of them.

(at the hotel, the Roco's were sleeping when a bolt of lightening clashes and wakes them up)

The Rocos: Whoa! what was that?!

(there's a knock on there door, Tupley went to answer it)

Tupley: I got it-a. *answers the door* yes?

(it was The Second Three who were very very tired but the storm woke them up)

Harry: we want to go to sleep,

Chuck: but the storm woke us up.

Betty: pleashe help us.

Chavez: the storm woke us up to.

Tupley: come inside. *They did*

(As Priffy prepares some warm milk with honey, The Second Three questions Chavez about his parents)

Chuck: hey Chavez? do you have a mom & a dad?

Harry: where are they?

Betty: what did they look like?

Chavez: the thing is, our mama is a woman on the street, & she met our 6 dads. what happened next, i don't want to get into, in the end, our dads left our mom, whom we havent seen since.

Chuck: we know how you feel.

Harry: we've been through a lot with our folks too.

Betty: all of ush Doids.

The Roco's really?

The Second Three: Really.

(Priffy comes in with warm milk for the Second Three)

Priffy: here is some warm milk & honey to help you sleep.

Harry: I might need help, I don't have hands.

(Priffy puts a straw in Harry's)

Priffy: here you go.

Harry: thanks. *The Second Three drank their milk & honey*

(a few seconds later The Second Three & The Rocos went to sleep. except for Chavez who watched the three)

Chavez: *whispers* take it easy mi amigos.

(later, Joan comes back and takes the Second Three back to her hotel room, then Chavez, Kulche, Viole, and Peke they tiptoed out of there room and fallowed Joan to her room)

Chavez: *whispers* Joan is such a good mother.

Kulche: *whispers* si. I wish our mom was more caring like her.

Viole: *whispers* then maybe our dad would've stayed.

Peke: *whispers* yeah.

(Joan notices the Roco siblings)

Joan: ok you 4, come on out. *The 4 Rocos revealed themselves* did you follow me?

Viole: yes. Peke: you see, like the Doids, we along with our older siblings,

Kulche: have been through rough childhoods.

Chavez: especially with our parents.

(Joan becomes concern as Betty wakes up)

Betty: *yawns adorably* hi Mama. Chavez, Kulche, Viole, Peke, what're you guysh doing here?

Chavez: we wanted to talk to your mama Betty

Betty: Mama? why?

Viole: well, we're lonely.

Kulche: we've always took care of each other.

Peke: but sometime we miss our parents.

Chavez: *thinking* they miss there Papi's not our Mami, she abandon us.

(The other Roco's agree, then Joan gets out of bed and comforts them)

Joan: aw, you poor little Rocos. it's ok.

(Betty becomes depressed and bounces over to Joan)

Betty: what about me & the Doidsh Mama?

Joan: Betty, I'll always love you & the Doids as well as The Rocos.

Betty: *hugs Joan* thank you Mama
Disrespectoids on Vacation
Here it is, the Story that you've all been waiting for...Disrespectoids on Vactation! (or "Disrespectoids in Vegas".) in the story the Disrespectoids are going to meet Joan's parents but Derek crashed his truck into a Vegas body shop so the Disrespectoids are gonna be in Vegas for a while until the truck's fixed, they also run into the Roco's (who are two doors down) who are also on vacation there after Tupley's reckless driving. while in Vegas the Second Three briefly learns about why the Roco's live alone, DD and SS meet Danielle and Francine, and the others just goof off.
do you guys think i'm...a brat? because i can't control my patience and i sometimes make my own rules so that's why i'm asking you.
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Hi everyone i'm hershey990 i'm the kid who draws disrespectoid like and i have many characters.

Howdy, sense i already got five Mixel OC's i figured why not do an humanized reference on each of them. i also wanted to thank :iconzootycutie: for the insperation, here's Maddie's - Mixels humanization references - now, before i get started on this i wanted to note out that the Orphan Mixels will be kinda horrifying...
Name: Ella "Ellie" (Springella)

-Last Name: Lastic

-Race: Caucasian (British)

-Originally from: Manchester, England
-Name: Nicole "Nikki" (Nixie)

-Last Name: Nix

-Race: Latino-American

-Originally from: Unknown (found by Victor/Volectro as an infant and was raised by him ever sense).
The Orphan Mixels

Names (from oldest to youngest): Garfield, 13 (Gardenfield), Stanley "Stanny", 12 (Steamer or Steamy), Isabelle, 6 (Snowbelle)

-Last Name: Green (Garfield/Gardenfield), Steemer (Stanley/Steamer), Ira (Isabelle/Snowbelle)

-Race: African American (Garfield/Gardenfield), Irish (Stanley/Steamer), Semi-Albino European (Isabelle/Snowbelle)

-Originally from: Harrisburg, Pennsylvanian (all three of them)
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