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Nightmare Comfort Pg. 1 and 2 by Rose-Angel-Fifi-SPM

This whole art piece is adorable, it really seems like a real father and daughter bond, the lining is perfect, the coloring's correct, ...

Me Posta by BeardBeyond

This Guy Is Very Talented He Knows How To Draw If This Guy Took Reqest's I'll Reqest Him A Nice Drawling Of The Disrespectoids This Guy...


I'm open for Chatting in the Official Genie Bottles if your free, talk to me
(We go to the Disrespectoids house were the Disrespectoids got new clothes from Joan and as they tried them on Leaky Louie becomes jealous because he didn't get any then he notices Chuck the Clucker)

Louie: hey Chuck

Chuck: hey Louie, what do you think of my new clothes?

Louie: you look fat in them

Chuck: what?

Louie: yeah fat, your oversized bellybutton will burst out of that tank top

Chuck: *growls* your just jealous 

Louie: *blushes in anger* i am not jealous

(later that night Chuck begins tossing and turning in his nest then admittedly woke up)

Chuck: *constantly breathes in and out* what a nightmare, i need Joan! *runs all the way to Joan's bedroom door and slowly opens the door and tip toes to Joan were she's sleeping with Boing Boing Betty*

Chuck: Joan, *pokes at Joan's cheek*

(Joan and Betty wakes up)

Joan: Chuck, what's wrong

Chuck: i had a nightmare

Betty: how bad Mishter. the Clucker?

Chuck: very bad...

(Chuck gets in bed with Joan and Betty and they begin rubbing Chuck's head)

Joan: what was your nightmare about?

Chuck: *starts crying* me being a very fat and immobile and Louie says so.

Betty: it doeshn't matter what you look like Mishter. the Clucker

Joan: your not fat Chuck

Chuck: *gets in bed with Joan* really?

Joan and Betty: Yeah

Chuck: thanks *holds Joan's hand* good night Joanie and Betty *drifts off to sleep and Betty falls asleep on Joan's chest*

Joan: good night my little warriors. *falls asleep*

(the next morning the other Disrespectoids comes running in Joan's room in anger)

All the Disrespectoids (except Betty, Chuck, and Louie): JOAN!

Joan: *wakes up* what is it?

Whoopee Cushner: Louie just ruined are new clothes!!!

the other Disrespectoids (except Louie, Betty, and Chuck): YEAH!

Joan: well were is Louie

Deltoid Donny: right here *holds Louie*

Louie: put me down, put me down

Donny: with pleasure *throws Louie at Joan's bed*

Joan: Louie, have you been teasing Chuck?

Louie: not really Joanie, i was just criticizing Chuck's outfit

Joan: well criticizing is considered teasing

Louie: sorry Joanie *looks at Chuck* can i say sorry to Chuck?

Joan: alright Louie, *rubs Chuck's head* Chuck the Clucker, Louie wants to talk to you

(Chuck wakes up)

Chuck: what do you want to say to me dude?

Louie: *starts blushing* i'm sorry for saying that new outfit of yours makes you look fat...and i was jealous *sniffs as tears starts filling his puppy dog growing eyes* forgive me dude

Chuck: OK *hugs Louie and pats him on the back*

the other Disrespectoids: aw...

(Chuck stops hugging Louie after noticing something sticking out the back of Louie's pajamas)

Chuck: *pulls the something out of Louie's pajamas* a pair of Simon's underwear

Joan: is that why you leaked all over everyone's new clothes? so you can get a pair of Simon's new boxers?

Louie: yes why?

Joan: oh nothing i'm just wondering...
Chuck's worst Nightmare
Leaky Louie calls Chuck the Clucker fat in his new outfit so Chuck has a nightmare about him weighing 600-lb.
(At the Disrespectoids House the Disrespectoids were having lunch when Joan comes in the kitchen wearing a hot pink tank top and Green, Purple, and Red sweat pants)

The Disrespectoids: Whoa Mama!

Joan: what you never seen me in a tank top?

The Disrespectoids: No

Joan: well i'm going to the gym and dance studio you be good Disrespectoids OK?

The Disrespectoids: OK Joanie bye-bye

(Joan leaves and the Disrespectoids continues eating there lunch until something came to there head)

The Disrespectoids (thinking): WE GOT AN IDEA!!! 

(The Disrespectoids quickly goes to Joan's room and sees Joan's gym membership and the back of the card shows the name of the Gym, "Shula's Gym and Dance" and the Disrespectoids goes to the gym and dance and looks for Joan)

The Disrespectoids: Joanie?

(The Disrespectoids get confused on were Joan is so they decided to split up were Sandy Mandy, Balloona Luna, Whoopee Cushner, and Pancake Peggy goes to the left hall, Deltoid Donny, Sousaphone Simon, Leaky Louie, Bobblehead Fred, Chewie Stewie, Slow Moe, and BobbySue goes to the right hall, while Handlebar Harry and Boing Boing gets to stand in the middle of the center with Chuck the Clucker who's angry because he can't go with the others)

Chuck: *growls* i can't go with others because i look like a failed test subject

Betty: calm down Mishter the Clucker *sees Harry storming off to the cafeteria* Harry, don't go to the cafeteria were shupposhed to shtay here and keep Mishter the Clucker company!

(Betty and Chuck storms off after Harry and then he storms into the cafeteria and stops after Harry stops and sees the cafeteria food (Giant chocolate chip cookies, Hot Dogs, different colored grapes, and watermelon pieces) then Betty is half amazed over the grapes and watermelon pieces but Chuck and Harry storms to the giant chocolate chip cookies and hot dogs and the boys began gorging on the food then Betty watched as she ate the watermelon pieces then Betty saved the colored grapes and began nibbling at a hot dog then the two boys stops eating when Victoria Marmalade comes into the Cafeteria with her friends)

Victoria: well, well, well if it isn't the failed experiments

The Second Three: Hi Victoria

Victoria: you can call me Miss Victoria.

Victoria's Friends: yeah

(The Second Three glares at her)

Betty: you better shut up Victoria

Victoria: oh i'm so scared, i better get out of here before something terrible happens to me *walks away* Ta-Ta

Victoria's Friends: yeah *walks away with her*

The Second Three: Brat *goes back to eating*

(We go over to Simon, Donny, Louie, Fred, Stewie, Moe, and BobbySue were at the Strength Training and Yoga part of the gym were Fred, Louie, and Stewie saw people doing yoga while Moe and BobbySue saw people doing strength training then Donny and Simon decides...)

Donny and Simon: Joan's not in this part of the gym, we'll go without those nuts

(Donny and Simon walks forward to the pool part of the gym were they see numerous people taking swimming class when Simon notices Susie Winnerson is there and his face turns red in anger and lies on the floor and starts throwing a temper tantrum)


Donny: *notices Danny Vaughn's also there and starts doing what Simon's doing* THAT DEMON WHAT'S HE DOING HERE?!

(Donny and Simon gets up and calms down)

Donny and Simon: Forget those demons were going to look for Joanie *walks back to the main hallway*

(Elsewhere, Mandy, Luna, Whoopee, and Peggy were walking though the aerobics side of the gym were they see men doing aerobics then they look away then they go to the dance class part were they hear women laughing and Joan's crying they admittedly runs into the class and sees Veronica Marmalade (Victoria's mother) scolding Joan for falling over after attempting to dance to the music)

Veronica: you should have danced like me Joanie McNerd

Veronica's friends: yeah

(Whoopee charges at the women and starts protecting Joan)

Whoopee: leave her alone you stupid surname ladies!!! *Mandy, Luna, and Peggy joins Whoopee*

Veronica: Alright we'll leave you werido's alone with your Mommy *walks away*

Veronica's friends: yeah *walks away*

Whoopee: you alright Joan?

Joan: yeah i think so Whoopee...*stops and thinks* Whoopee? what are you Mandy, Luna, and Peggy doing here?

Whoopee: we wanted to see you

Joan: We?

Peggy: yeah, us Girls and the others are around the gym

Joan: *admittedly gets up* we need to find those other Disrespectoids

(Joan and the girls goes to the Strength Training and Yoga part of the gym and grabs Louie, Fred, Stewie, Moe, and BobbySue, they go to the gym hallway and grabs Donny and Simon then they all go to the hallway center were the Second Three was supposed to be)

Peggy: they should be right here

Harry: *Burps*

Chuck: Harry!!!

Louie: there in the cafeteria *chuckles*

(The others run to the Cafeteria were they see a lot of angry pregnant women and they finally see Harry and Chuck with pregnant looking potbellies along with Betty who just has a small stuffed belly (because she didn't eat much))

Joan: *kneels down and rubs Betty's head* Silly little Betty

Betty: Hi Joanie, Chuck and Harry were being hogsh

Harry and Chuck: BETTY!

Simon: *looks at Harry and Chuck's bellies* Harry and Chuck, you two can really eat like Donny on Chicken Leg Tuesday *looks at Betty's belly* and Betty, you can eat like me when Donny ate all the Chicken Legs.

Donny: i know

(Simon turns at Donny and gave him a angry glare)

Donny: sorry, *picks Harry, Chuck, and Betty up* let's go home.

(Later...the Disrespectoids are shown at home in the backyard in there mud pool, when Joan comes in)

Joan: i hope all of you are happy

Betty: we are mrsh Joanie why are you ashking ush?

Joan: because i'm a little unhappy with you kids

The Disrespectoids: what did we do?

Joan: i didn't lose my gym membership but i'm gonna warn you this. "Try your best and never run into overly positive adults, they'll possibly take you away and might kill you"

The Disrespectoids: yes Joan

Joan: and your lucky none of the adults knew about this, now get washed up and get ready for bed

The Disrespectoids: yes Joan

(Later, at 2:10 A.M. and we see that all The Disrespectoids were sleeping soundly however we go to Joan's bedroom were she was tossing and turning and moaning and groaning she then sits up and wakes up in horror and starts panting and sweating)

Joan: it was just a nightmare

(Joan goes to the kitchen and prepares a midnight snack when Chuck comes in shirtless and tired)

Chuck: Hi Joanie, are you still mad at us?

Joan: *picks Chuck up and rubs his back and talks as she continues* i'm not mad, i'm just surprised that the girls saved me from Veronica Marmalade. *pants*

Chuck: you OK Joanie?

Joan: i just had a nightmare about today

Chuck: was i dead *starts hugging Joan*

Joan: no, possibly, i couldn't point it out...but you and the others were in trouble *notices Chuck's topless* what happened to your shirt?

Chuck: i took off because i was hot in it

Joan: *as she takes Chuck to bed with her* your a naughty little man you know that don't you Chuck?

Chuck: yeah i get that a lot *growls as he sees Louie sleeping in his bed*

The End
At the Gym
The Disrespectoids go to a Gym and Dance center under Joan's nose.


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Cassandra M./Hershey Chocolate
United States
Hi everyone i'm hershey990 i'm the kid who draws disrespectoid like and i have many characters.

Hello everyone, this is Hershey, i need ideas for the Second Three series...if you have an idea comment below.
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