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Kids Collection by Neko-Vi
by Neko-Vi

Neko, has very great vision on his fashion design's but sometimes it ain't modern, his originality on these outfits are 100%, his Techn...

Nightmare Comfort Pg. 1 and 2 by Rose-Angel-Fifi-SPM

This whole art piece is adorable, it really seems like a real father and daughter bond, the lining is perfect, the coloring's correct, ...

Me Posta by BeardBeyond

This Guy Is Very Talented He Knows How To Draw If This Guy Took Reqest's I'll Reqest Him A Nice Drawling Of The Disrespectoids This Guy...


Tell me the Truth, Does Vanessa Doofenshmirtz love her down on his luck Dad Heinz? because someone told me she's very ungrateful to him.
updated Skunk Brothers cast by hershey990
updated Skunk Brothers cast
For :iconsithvampiremaster27: and :iconnayzor:.
I Decided to relaunch the cast for the Skunk Brothers.

- Gregory now has messy hair, white pants and dark grey shoes. he still has his knee pads but the straps are now dark grey instead of white.

- Nicholas became taller and has a lighter shade of blue.

- Don is the same only different outfit.

- Si is the same only different outfit.

- Dixie is part of the series and before you ask, the brothers were part of the Dixie series packaging.

- Ginger's fur color was changed from lavender/purple to different shades of pink and has a different outfit from her previous self.
Before you ask Gregory's four sisters, Perfume, Kanai, The Cat siblings and Jean are still in the series, i'm also planning on drawing three new OC's for the Skunk Brothers.
Dixie's new uniform jersey by hershey990
Dixie's new uniform jersey
for :iconepcorethealmighty:, sense he introduced Butch's younger brother Kennan. Dixie decided to update her "5 1/2" logo on her jersey into a "5.4" and Kennan is looking at her in curiosity.
Sally Skitz by hershey990
Sally Skitz
this is Sally Skitz, she's based off of Skitty, unlike Skitty, Sally eats a lot to the point were shes so round she can't move or get up. this also happens to her mother Delilah. here are two examples one of her in her regular clothes and nightgown.
After much thinking...I Decided to do a series about the Eeveer's and there friends. but i'm gonna name a couple Pokemon I Might not wanna humanize.
  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Ditto
  • Meowth (for obvious reasons)
  • Jynx (sense the Pokemon is high on racism, I might not wanna humanize it)
  • Porygon and it's evolved forms via the whole Porygon episode were kids in Japan got seizures but I came to the conclusion...Pikachu caused most of the Seizures not Porygon.
  • Zangoose...:iconsithvampiremaster27: mostly does the Zangoose as humans via Lynn and Zane Zangoose. so I Dunno if I can humanize Zangoose without getting scolded or yelled at.
  • Listening to: N/A
  • Reading: N/A
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: N/A
Evelyn's friends by hershey990
Evelyn's friends
for :iconnayzor:, :iconmylesterlucky7: and :icongoldencrownstarneos:. these are Evelyn's neighbors/friends.
Ivy Bulba (based off of Ivysaur) - A Tomboyish girl whom often gets mistaken for a boy via how she dresses. she lives with her single father Bertram (whose based off of Venusaur).

Velma Pix (based off of Vulpix) - A Wealthy girl whose often spoiled and heavily protected by her mother Noel (whose based off of Ninetails).

Nigel and Nina RinoRina (based off of the different gendered Nidorans) - Twins, Nigel is rough and rowdy, while Nina is outgoing and up for anything, even Ivy, Velma and Evelyn's playful spirits. the twins are jealous of Evelyn because she's got 8 older siblings while they only have each other.
Those four are also Evelyn's fourthly help sources next to Sophie and 
Ulysses. there are other kids in the series...but :iconnayzor: and :icongoldencrownstarneos: are gonna help me out with that.
(We see a sleeping Heather whose asleep with her stuffed vampire doll)

Heather: *sleeping cutely*

(then there's a noise and it woke Heather up)

Heather: what was that? *goes to check it out* *to her toy vampire doll* careful Mr. D. *sees two fat figures around the refrigerator* hello? who's there? *holds Mr. D* show yourselves. *turns the kitchen lights on and looks around the kitchen* what a mess. *hears something in the covers* who's there? *opens the covers and screams witch wakes the other Byron kids*

 what the?

Annette: what's going on?

Ron: that sounds like Heather.

(Kevin, Annette and Ron goes downstairs to see Heather curled up in a ball)

Ron: Heather? what's wrong?

Annette: you can tell us.

Kevin: please.

Heather: *breathes a bit* look.

Kevin: *notices dark blue and purple rears sticking out*
 they look familiar. *pokes at them* hello, are you awake? *the rears moves* I'll take that as "kinda". *notices there coming out* whoa.

(the two figures comes out and are reveled to be...)

 Lloyd! Lila! *to the twins* what're you 2 doing here?! wake up!

(Lloyd and Lila didn't hear Heather)

Kevin: *as L&L get up*
 you 2 better go home, or i'll wake up my dad. *notices that L&L are reaching for his pajama top* whoa! DAD!!

(we see John asleep with his wife Arlene)

John and Arlene: *sleeping*

Kevin: *off screen* DAD!!!

all four Byron kids: *off screen*

John: *hears a crash and the front door closing* what the?! *goes to check it out* what happened here?

The Byron Kids:
 Lloyd and Lila were here and they made a mess.

Heather: *Describes it*
 it scared me daddy.

John: *picks Heather up*
 there, there Heather, it's ok.

Ron: we need to do something about the Page Twins.

Heather: Heather agrees with my twin brother.

John: don't worry, we will. *to his kids* but for now, it's time to go to bed.

the Byron kids: ok dad.

(further into the night, Heather is shown talking to Mr. D)

Heather: I don't get it, Lloyd and Lila didn't respond to me when Heather tried to talk to them. even Kevin couldn't wake them up. I'm scared. *gets an idea*

(Heather goes outside in her pajamas and coat and heads over to the Page twins living room window where she taps on the window)

 Lloyd, Lila, are you there? *taps again*

 what's going on?

 what's the matter?

(Those two ???'s were reveled to be...)

 Myles, Cassie!!

(Kevin, Annette and Ron wakes up and goes outside in there pajamas)

Kevin: Heather.

Annette: where are you?

Ron: Heather.

Heather: over here guys.

Ron: *to Heather*
 Heather! what's the big idea?!

Cassie: she wanted to see the Page Twins.

Myles: but we haven't seen them.

Kevin: so where are they?

(The Page Twins are shown walking pass there house with food)

 does that answer your question?

 Come back here with my food!!!

(the person was...)


Norman: *swipes the sweat off his head and is reveled to be in his pajamas*
 phew. come back here you 2!

Barbara: *catches up with her brother*
 wait for me brother.

 they're gone.

 wait for me! *follows the Page Twins*

Norman: *Face palms*
 I can't believe this trait of theirs is coming back.

Myles: *To Norman*
 what do you mean man?

 the last time the Page Twins sleepwalk, and sleepEAT, we had to wait awhile to get more food for everyone!

 are you serious?

Norman: *to me*
 yes, after a while, they haven't eaten any food at night, that's when we felt safe, but now it's happening again.

Myles and Cassie:
 but why?

Norman: It's because the twins had appendix surgery and there dad isn't letting them eat for a while and 
yeah, that's why we're trying to catch them.

Kevin: *to the awaken kids*
 come on everyone, let's go help Heather.

(we then see the Page twins breaking into Burke's room)

 *squeals in fear* HELP!!!

Mina: *comes in*
 I'll save you bro.

(Mina grabbed the Page Twins and throws them out of Burke's room though the open window were they land safely and uninjured)

Heather: *Watches the Page Twins get up*

Lloyd: *in his sleep*
 we need to put these in a safe place.

Lila: *in her sleep*
 but not in us.

Heather: *stops for a second and thinks for a second as i come up next to her* *calms down* what do they mean by that?

 the Twins are having the Robin Hood type dream.

Heather: what?

Cassie: they dream that they're twin Gothic Robin Hoods, who steals food from the rich, keeps it hidden and gives it to the poor.

Norman: I'm glad you explained it Cassie.

???: wait up guys.

(everyone turns and sees Mina along with Burke, Jeff, Christine, The Bladner Babies, Neil, Tammy and Kia in there pajamas)

 what happened?

Myles: what's the matter?

Kia: Lloyd and Lila went into my kitchen and took my food.

Tammy: same here.

 the twins are taking their Robin Hood dream a little too far.

Neil: *to Kevin*
 what're you gonna do next Kev?

 we'll track down the twins and save the day.

Myles and I:
 don't worry, they won't be harmed.

Kia: get the page twins.

Everyone: yeah!

Me: *in my thoughts* let's hope Myles and i stay true to our word.

(We the Page Twins breaking into Eddie's bedroom where we see Eddie asleep with his teddy Freddie)

Eddie: *sleeping happily*

(the page twins then walk in and goes over to Eddie)

 *smelled something, which woke him up* Lloyd, Lila, what're you doing here? Joss! Help!

(Myles hears Eddie's cry for help)

 that's Eddie!

Joss: *off screen*
 I gotcha brother!

 and that's Joss!

(Joss throws the Page Twins out the door)

 that'll teach you for scaring my brother. *notices everyone else* what're you all doing here?

 the Page Twins had surgery and can't eat anything, so they started having their Robin Hood dream, that's why they've been in our homes taking our food.

Joss: I see, sorry. I was just protecting Eddie.

Eddie: *comes outside*

Brenda: *opens her bedroom window* Like, what's going on here?

Vince and Burke: *opens there bedroom window* guess The Page Twins were sleepwalking, and sleepstealing our food.

Erin: *looks outside* and it seems you guys can't seem to wake them up.

The others:
 we KNOW!!

Erin: *as she, her brothers and the other awoken kids went outside*
 the twins must be overdoing their surgery, cause when Erin had surgery, she was able to eat ice cream. and we must catch up with them, before they do anything else.

Ron: look, they're heading towards Carmen's restaurant with the food.

The Other:
 let's go. 

(Over at the Byron house, Arlene is shown tossing and turning)

Arlene: *moan, groans* no, no, get away. *Wakes up* the Burger stash!

(Arlene gets out of bed and puts on her coat)

 I gotta save the burgers.

(we then see the Page Twins sleepwalking towards Carmen's with the food)

Lloyd and Lila: *in sleep*
 we must save the food from getting eaten by Princess Gloria.

Jeff: *sees the Page twins laying down by the kitchen door*
 look, there they are. 

Kevin: *Rubs his eyes and looks at the others* 
*yawns* this time the Twins have the right idea, let's get some sleep.

Myles: yeah.

(Jeff, Christine and some of the others goes lay down on the floor, while I look at the Page twins asleep)

Me: *lays down and looks at the twins* *sighs* goodnight Lloyd and Lila. *goes over to Myles and falls asleep on him*

(then, Arlene came in)

Arlene: *looks around the diner and sees the kids asleep*
 *sighs and calms down* they look so cute. *goes over to the Page twins and notices all the food around them* It seems that sleep-eating is contagious *looks at the twins* *gently shakes the Page Twins* wake up you 2.

Lloyd: *in sleep*
 I miss Millie.

Lila: *in sleep*
 I miss daddy.

Me: *in sleep*
 I miss Willis/Gold.

(the Page twins crawl over to Arlene's stomach and hugs it thinking it's there dad)


Arlene: *comforts the page twins*
 there, there, it's ok. *places the twins by the kitchen door* goodnight you 2. *picks a shivering cold Heather up and sits beside the Page Twins and looks at Heather as she sleeps* goodnight Heather. *hugs her daughter to keep her warm*

(The next morning, the kids parents, John and Willis gathers around Carmen's diner)

 I know my restaurant's popular, but this is crazy.

 you're telling me?

 at least my wife's keeping them company.

Willis: and i see my friend over there too.

(Carmen opens the door and everyone looks inside)

Carmen: whoa, what happened?

Willis: *sniffs* I think i know. *goes to where the food is* aha, just as i thought.

John: *looks at the stolen food and the page Twins* weird, I thought the Page Twins would've eaten the food.

L&L: *in there sleep*
 we're giving the stolen food to the poor.

Arlene: honey? is that you?

John: hi baby.

Arlene: *puts Heather next to John*
 last night I dream't that the burger stash was about to be stolen, so i got dressed to save it, when i got here everyone was asleep, so i calmed down. then Lloyd and Lila said they missed Millie and their dad, they even hugged me and thought I was their dad, so i fell asleep with them, and kept Heather warm.

John: *comforts his wife*
 oh baby, it's ok. you did your best, and so did everyone.

Kevin: *sits up*
 *yawns* hi dad, hi mom. Mom?

 what's going on?

Ron: *Wakes up and scratches his back* 
where's Heather? and the Page Twins?

Kevin: *sees Heather waking up*
 there she is, with dad.

*yawns* good morning. Mom, Dad, what's up?

 we might ask you the same thing.

The Byron Kids: The Page Twins were having a Robin Hood dream, they also took the food because they had surgery and couldn't eat anything.

 so that's why they broke into our house.

Arlene: and why everyone is here.

Jeff: *yawns* uh-oh. Christine wake up, everyone's here.

Christine: everyone?

Kia: *wakes up and looks around*
 are we in trouble?

John: *to those kids awaken*
 no everyone, you're not in trouble, but we could use help returning the food back to their homes.

Heather: *looks at the Page twins still asleep*
 but they're still asleep, we've tried everything but they won't wake up.

Carmen: *looks around for Nigel and Jenny*
 Nigel, Jenny, where are you? *goes over to where the Page twins were sleeping and calls for the others* hey everyone, come look.

(everyone then sees Nigel and Jenny throwing food at Lloyd and Lila, but it didn't wake them up)

 *picks her twins up*

Heather: how will we wake Lloyd and Lila up?

 do you have any creative idea Willis?

(while everyone explains how to wake the Twins up there mother Lola came into the diner with Lloyd's coat)

Lola: hi everyone. *goes over to those awoken* what's going on, and where are my twins?

Willis: to answer both questions, follow me.

(Willis and I shows Lola her K.O.ed goth twins asleep with food surrounding them)

Lola: oh my.

Willis: we can't seem to wake them up.

Me: they had a Robin Hood dream last night.

Myles: and took nearly everyone's food.

Me: *Goes up to the Page Twins*
 and they're still asleep. *lays on Lloyd and hugs him* when will you and Lila wake up?

Lloyd and Lila: *yawns and wakes up* hi Cassie, what's going on?

Willis: you've gotta be freakin' kidding me.

Me: *surprised that the Page Twins were awoken by me* Lloyd! Lila! we've all been trying to wake you both up last night.

Lloyd: really?

Lila: why?

Heather: from breaking into everyone's homes, to stealing our food, and having me worried about you 2, *cries* all because you had surgery and had a Robin Hood dream!!



Lloyd and Lila: *to Me*
is that true?

Cassie: yes, you even have food all around you two.

L&L: *looks around the floor*

Lola: *to her twins*
 don't worry you're not in trouble, but your father and i need to have a little talk when he gets back.

 dad's sleeping on the couch.

Cassie: I agree.

Lola: *to me* you and Myles can stay the night again, this time to make sure the twins don't escape the house again.

Me and Myles:
 thank you, we will.

(we soon see Lola and Seth talking about the twins)

 I can't believe this, if i had know this would happen, I never would've agreed to it.

Seth: I will admit that telling them not to eat is my fault, and i will try to replace the stolen food, but as a doctor i had to do what's right.

Lola: you're also my husband, and the Twins' father.

 *sighs* you're right, I'm sorry.

Lola: your sleeping on the Couch tonight Seth.

yes Lols.

(that night, we see Seth laying on the couch looking at the ceiling)

Seth: *sighs*

(then there's a door shutting, it was Lloyd)

Lloyd: *goes over to his dad*
 hey dad.

Seth: hey Lloyd, I'm sorry about telling you and Lila not to eat.

Lloyd: well, we're sorry for what happened to our neighbors.

Seth: *hugs Lloyd* it's ok son, I still love you and Lila.

Lloyd: *hugs his dad* we love you too.

Lila: *Calls for Lloyd*
 Lloyd, where are you?

Lloyd: over here with dad.

Lila: *calls for Lloyd again*
 well it's bedtime Lloyd.

Seth: *to Lloyd*
 go on back to bed son.

ok, goodnight dad.

(in the twins room, L&L were talking)

Lloyd: *to Lila*
 Mama was upset earlier.

Lila: yes, and Daddy was looking out for us.

Lloyd: and we DID cause problems for everyone.

Lila: yeah, especially Heather.

L&L: what're we gonna do?

Me: *pokes my head through the open door*
 hey guys, if i can give you some advice, it's this... you should do as your dream told you.

L&L: hmm, why not? when can we do that?

Me: in the morning...

Lloyd: *to me*
 ok, goodnight Cassie.

Cassie: goodnight.

(further into the night, I Was having trouble sleeping)

*tossing and turning*

Myles: huh? Cass, Cassie wake up.

Me: i am awake Myles...*sits up*

Myles: what's the matter?

Me: I'm worried about the Page Twins.

Myles: *comforts me*
 there, there, it's ok. *hears a crash* what was that?

Me: *hears the crash*
 I don't know.

(Myles and I goes downstairs and sees a small figure coming from the door)

 who's that?

(It was...)

Myles and I:

 hi guys.

 what're you doing here?

 I have a gift for the Page Twins.

 a gift?

Seth: *wakes up*
 what's going on?

Lola: *comes into the living room to see Heather*
 Heather, what're you doing here, and what a mess.

Me and Myles: *to Lola*
 we'll clean up the mess, and Heather has a gift for Lloyd and Lila.

 a gift? what is it?


Lola: it's butter and jelly bread

Heather: *to Lola*
 can i bring them to the twins?

 of course you can.

(Heather, Myles and I goes to the Page Twins room where the twins were asleep)


Lila: *sleeping*

Lola: *looks at her twins*
 aaww, they're asleep.

Seth: *also looks at the twins*
 they look so cute.

Lloyd and Lila: *sits up and looks at there parents like there idiots*

Lola and Seth:
 you guys. *laughs a bit*

Lloyd and Lila: *covers there ears*
 what's going on anyway?

Heather: *Goes up to the Page twins beds* these are for you. *gives them the bread*

Lloyd: really?

Lila: for us?

Heather: yup.

L&L: *each hugs Heather* thank you Heather, and we're sorry for scaring you.

Heather: Heather's sorry too. *hugs them back*

Me: *goes up to Lloyd*
 you and Lila need to take it easy on the sleepwalking.

L&L: *to Me*
 we'll try Cassie, we'll try.
Sleepwalking Page Twins
(you thought I forgot haven't you?) for :iconsithvampiremaster27: and :iconmylesterlucky7:, Frank recommended that I Should do a sleepwalking Page Twins, his wish has been granted. and :icongoldencrownstarneos: makes a cameo in it.


hershey990's Profile Picture
Cassandra M.
United States
Hi everyone i'm hershey990 i'm the kid who draws disrespectoid like and i have many characters.

After much thinking...I Decided to do a series about the Eeveer's and there friends. but i'm gonna name a couple Pokemon I Might not wanna humanize.
  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Ditto
  • Meowth (for obvious reasons)
  • Jynx (sense the Pokemon is high on racism, I might not wanna humanize it)
  • Porygon and it's evolved forms via the whole Porygon episode were kids in Japan got seizures but I came to the conclusion...Pikachu caused most of the Seizures not Porygon.
  • Zangoose...:iconsithvampiremaster27: mostly does the Zangoose as humans via Lynn and Zane Zangoose. so I Dunno if I can humanize Zangoose without getting scolded or yelled at.
  • Listening to: N/A
  • Reading: N/A
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: N/A

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