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Neko, has very great vision on his fashion design's but sometimes it ain't modern, his originality on these outfits are 100%, his Techn...

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i feel like an idiot for watching Spongebob and Shrek the Halls now...
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The Ed's - May we come in by hershey990
The Ed's - May we come in
this is somewhere between an idea for :iconsithvampiremaster27: and a late Thanksgiving gift to all those who watches me.
This picture shows my version of the Ed's from Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy at someone's house at nighttime. why do they have suitcases and mismatched backpacks?'s my idea on this, even after the Big Picture show, The Ed's were still unloved by the Cul-de-Sac kids (with the exception of Nazz) because there scams and behaviors, so sense they can't ever be loved with people around them and there parents whereabouts are unknown, the three Ed's decides to flee Peach Creek where they wind up at the home of a woman dressed in blue and has a wedding ring.
You might ask "Why does Double D have blonde hair when he should have black hair?" well there's a theory going on about what's under his ski hat so out of numerous guesses i decided to make him a blonde, Oh and in my version Eddy shaved off part of his hair and cut off a part of his head skin (this explains the band-aid on his shaved spot), and i gave Ed dark red hair instead of pure red hair.
I Might show who the woman is someday and Edd and Eddy are 14 while Ed is 15 in this pic sense this takes place two years after the series finale. and Eddy is slightly nicer in my world in case your wondering why Eddy isn't looking devilish in this pic.
Gregory sees something unusual by hershey990
Gregory sees something unusual
...for :iconsithvampiremaster27:, my little Gregory Coccinelle was flying near the Night Owl Cafe and crashed into something he doesn't recognized before and he's scared.
Lloyd and Lila - Lila heard something by hershey990
Lloyd and Lila - Lila heard something
for :iconsithvampiremaster27:...this is part of the story i'm making for's a picture of Lila Page awake in her bed because she heard something...
(We go to Denbourne, Ohio, where we zoom in on the Byron household where we see all of the Byron's asleep, then we zoom in on twins Ron and Heather who are both asleep)

Ron and Heather: *sleeping happily*

(Then, Ron and Heather heard some thudding and crashing in the living room witch is downstairs)

Heather: *Wakes up and looks over to Ron*
 huh, who, Ron, Ron wake up.

Ron: *puts on his glasses and wakes up* 
hmm? what is it Heather?

Heather: something woke Heather up.

Ron: *gets out of bed* 
come on, let's go check it out.

(Ron and Heather grabbed baseball bats and headed downstairs to the living room were they saw a mysterious figure)

Heather: what's that?

Ron: I don't know.

(There's a scratching noise and the figure picks up the T.V.)

Ron: our TV.

Heather: put it back.

(Ron turns on the light and sees that the figure was a pajama wearing Eddie Bearfour)

Ron and Heather: Eddie?

Ron: what're you doing here in your pajamas?

Heather: how did you get in our house Eddie?

Eddie: *drops the T.V. in his sleep* *in sleep* must make sister happy

Ron: sister?

Heather: sister?

Ron and Heather: Joss

Eddie: *in sleep* yes. *walks out of the house*

Ron: we have to wake Kevin and Annette

Heather: we can't Ronnie, they won't believe us!

yeah you're right.

Ron and Heather: *holds each other hands*
 we need to track Eddie Down.

(Ron and Heather puts on there boots and goes after Eddie where he is sleepwalking into the Porkley house)

Ron: oh no! Burke and Mina!

Heather: mostly Burke

Ron: oh yeah.

(Speaking of Burke, Burke is shown asleep in his bed when Eddie comes in the room)

Eddie: *in his sleep in a creepy tone* 
*over and over again in his sleep* must make sister happy.

Burke: *sees Eddie* 
Eddie, what're you doing here?! *squeals loudly*

Ron: *hears Burke*
 that's Burke.

 let's go help Burke.

(Ron and Heather goes into Burke's bedroom window)

Ron and Heather: we're here Burke.

Burke: help me, Eddie is scaring me

Eddie: *in his sleep over and over again* must make sister happy

Ron and Heather: Eddie, Wake Up!!

(Eddie walks out of Burke's room and goes back outside)

Burke: *goes up to Ron* what's going on?

Ron: Eddie's sleep walking.

Heather: cut the chase boys, we got a Bearfour to catch!

Ron and Burke: right.

(Eddie is shown heading towards the Bladner's house where he breaks into Jeff's room were Jeff is asleep)

Jeff: *sleeping*

(Eddie goes over to Jeff's guitar and uses it like a dumbbell)

Eddie: must be strong like sister. *drops the guitar and leaves Jeff's room and goes into Christine's room where she is asleep*

Christine: *sleeping*

Eddie: *tries to lift her bed* *grunts* not strong enough, yet.

(Christine then wakes up and sees Eddie)

Christine: Eddie?! What're you doing?! Jeff, Help!!

Ron: *hears Christine* hang on Christine, we're coming.

(Christine is whacking Eddie on the head with her pillow that's where Ron, Burke, and Heather came in)

Ron, Burke, Heather: Christine, STOP!!!

Christine: *stops and looks at Eddie talking in his sleep*

Eddie: *as he walks out of the room* must make sister proud

Ron: he's sleepwalking.

Burke: and it looks like he's dreaming about making Joss proud of him.

Christine: *Gasps and gets out of bed to go to Ron* oh no, if Joss finds out that i hurt Eddie, *shudder*

Heather: *pats Christine on the back* don't worry Christine, Heather, her brother, and his friend will help save Denbourne from a trying to be like his big sister Bearfour! wanna come?

Christine: of course i would *looks down at her feet* let me put boots on 
*goes to put her boots on*

(Eddie is shown heading towards the Ryder house where Eddie is breaking into Fatty's bedroom)

Eddie: *in sleep* must make sister proud. *Goes over to Fatty and punches his stomach*

Fatty" oof. who did that? *looks at Eddie* the little bear cub.

(The Four kids look up into Fatty's bedroom window)

The 4 Kids: uh-oh.

Fatty: I gotta admit, you got guts punching me while i was sleeping. 
I should punish you, but knowing your sister, I'll let you go.

Eddie: *leaves though Fatty's open window* 

(the 4 kids followed Eddie, while Fatty went back to sleep, Eddie was about to go into the Page's house witch Heather knew was bad)

Heather: *Grows concern* oh no, that's the Page's house. Eddie's going to far.

(The 4 kids goes into the Page's house, were Eddie had already broken into the door and there they found two people asleep in the living room Myself and Myles)

Me: *in sleep* Gold, please don't leave, i got tons and tons of story ideas for the Disresepctoids, NCGY, and Mixels!

*sleeping soundly* 

Burke: *goes up to me* 
whose Gold?

Ron and Heather: *goes up to Myles* 
what is Myles dreaming of?

Christine: *looks in the Hallway and sees Eddie going into the Page Twins room* 
hey guys, Eddie's going into the Page Twins room. *notices none of them are listening* guess i'm on my own... *goes after Eddie* Eddie, stop, please! I'm sorry for attacking you earlier, I wasn't thinking. please snap out of it.

A Voice: what's going on here?

(Christine looks and sees Taylor Loganford in her pajamas)

Christine: listen Taylor, Eddie's been sleepwalking, and dreaming that he's making his sister proud of him. Fatty even said he had guts punching him while he was sleeping.

Taylor: *gasps and goes over to a sleepwalking Eddie* 
Eddie will you wake up already?

Eddie: *starts crying in his sleep, which wakes up Lloyd and Lila Page*

Lloyd: what in the?

Lila: who woke us up?

(L&L sees Eddie, Christine, and Taylor in there bedroom)

Lloyd and Lila: Heather must be here...

(L&L gets out of there beds and goes into the living room where they see Heather, Ron, and Burke)

the Page Twins: hi guys.

Heather: *sees the Page Twins and gasps* i must hide!

the Page Twins: don't
 hide Heather, we maybe goths like you, but we'll always be your friends.

Heather: really?

Lloyd: really.

Lila: now, what is going on here?

Taylor: *takes Eddie to the living room where Myles and i wake up*

Myles: huh? you: what's going on?

Ron: we've been chasing Eddie who was sleepwalking all through the city.

Burke: he wad dreaming that he wanted Joss to be proud of him.

Heather: he even punched Fatty in the belly while he was sleeping.

Christine: and to top it off, we've been trying to wake him up.

Myles: can i see him?

Taylor: *gives Myles Eddie* 
what're you going to do?

Myles: wake him up, 
*rubs Eddie's back and head*

Eddie: *wakes up and sees Myles and realizes what he was doing* 
hmm? *yawn* what am i doing here?

Myles: *to Eddie* 
you've been sleepwalking. 

and dreaming that you wanted Joss to be proud of you. 

 Eddie even punched Fatty's tummy while he was sleeping.

Me: *puts my tiger blanket over Eddie's shoulder*
 it's time to take you home Eddie.

Eddie: *frowns and lays on the pull out bed Myles and i were in* 
I'm too tired and sad to go home.

Myles: *to Eddie* 
why are you sad?

Eddie: i'm worried Joss won't love me for the way i am...

nonsense, your sister loves you the way you are.

Eddie: *looks up at Myles* you think so Myles?

Myles: yes *to me* 
Cassandra, you call Eddie's mother, and tell her that he'll be having a sleepover at Lloyd and Lila's.

Me: alright Myles...*calls Eddie's mother* hello Mrs. Bearfour i'm calling for...

Eddie? is he ok?

Me: yes. he's ok. he's having a sleepover at Lloyd and Lila's tonight.

Joss: was he sleepwalking?

Me: *blushes* yes

Joss: may i talk to him?

Eddie: yes

Me: *hands phone over to Eddie*

Eddie: hi Joss

Joss: hi Eddie. I was worried about you.

Eddie: I'm sorry. I was even dreaming that i wanted you to be proud of me. I even punched Fatty's tummy while he slept.

Joss: *laughs a bit* I've taught you well, but i love you just as you are.

Eddie: really?

Joss: yes. and i'm glad you're safe and sound.

Eddie: *starts crying a bit* thanks Joss.

 you're welcome Eddie. we'll pick you up in the morning. may i talk to Myles?

Eddie: *gives the phone to Myles*

Myles: yes Joss?

Joss: keep Eddie safe and out of trouble

we will Joss. don't worry.

(Later, everyone was back asleep, The Page Twins were also asleep in the living room just for Eddie's safety, Ron, Burke, Heather, Christine, and Taylor were also sharing an air for Eddie well, he slept close to me with my tiger blanket around him)

Eddie: *looks at me clutching my elephant toy* 
that's a cute toy. *crawls closely to me* good night Cassie Moats *kisses me on the head*

Me: *in my sleep* thank you Gold

Eddie: *giggles quietly and shakes his head* 
who's Gold?

Lloyd: *who can overhear everything* her new friend...

Eddie: oh...Cassie Moats, can you wake up for me?

Me: *wakes up and sees Eddie* Eddie, i was having a nice dream about my friend Gold

Eddie: who is gold exactly?

Me: a new friend i made

Eddie: is he nice

Me: yep

Eddie: does he get mad at you

Me: sometimes

Eddie: what does Gold look like?

Me: i don't know, i think he has gold hair tied in a ponytail

Eddie: oh

Me: *lays down* Eddie, try and get some sleep

Eddie: *sleeps close by me and Myles* ok...

(Eddie and I went back to sleep)
Sleepwalking Eddie
for :iconsithvampiremaster27:, he suggested a long time ago that i should do a third sleepwalking story, i choose Eddie, hey, i need to get a Page Twin break! oh and :icongoldencrownstarneos: is mentioned in this story and :iconmylesterlucky7: appears in this story. i hope you don't mind sirs. anyway, the story is about Eddie walking in his sleep because he's having guiltiness about making his older sister proud and :icongoldencrownstarneos: helped me with it.


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Cassandra M./Hershey Chocolate
United States
Hi everyone i'm hershey990 i'm the kid who draws disrespectoid like and i have many characters.

i feel like an idiot for watching Spongebob and Shrek the Halls now...
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